Paleo Banana Bread

Paleo banana bread

You know me, I’m always down for a “healthy” dessert. I’m also always down for a meal that takes little to no effort and tastes like I’ve been baking my ass off in the kitchen for hours. Just your good ol’ Martha Stewart here! Anyways, this baby is another guilt-free treat that is so easy […]

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Healthy pancakes that don’t taste healthy!

No joke… these pancakes are the bomb dot com. Healthy pancakes that don’t taste healthy! Yup, I just went there. If I told you there were only three ingredients to make these pancakes… would you believe me? You better believe me babes! THREE INGREDIENTS and that is all. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Trevor and I […]

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Chocolate Lovers Oatmeal


Chocolate Lovers Oatmeal WARNING: This recipe is extra rich! However, if you love chocolate, you’re going to love this healthy bowl of porridge, and what I call Chocolate Lovers Oatmeal. Simply, a health foodies dream come true. This recipe has absolutely NO added sugar, in fact, barely any sugar at all. Try this recipe out! […]

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