What I Eat in a Day | Weekly Workouts

When I first started the whole “fitness/healthy” lifestyle, I absolutely LOVED getting ideas of what to eat from other healthy babes! I think I might start doing posts like these once a month… let me know if you find them helpful! I follow a paleo-based diet. It’s basically a whole foods diet, high in fats, […]

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My natural antidepressant//Outdoor workout

Hi babes! We are officially out of the Mercury Retrograde & man oh man am I feeling alive again! I swear, I felt like a straight up zombie for the past two weeks!! Did anyone else get hit hard? Anyways, lately I have been really focusing on listening to my body. For the last four months, I […]

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The secret to growing your booty

The secret to growing your booty…and it’s NOT squats. Squats can help your glutes and booty grow but your thighs also start growing. Squats do not isolate your glutes. Squats are a great compound exercise for building a strong muscular foundation. Here are three tips to growing your booty: 1. TRAIN EFFECTIVELY (2x a week) […]

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3 Tips to Fake it Till You Make It At the Gym

3 tips to fake it till you make it at the gym

Starting from ground zero with any goal SUCKS. I remember feeling so intimidated walking into the gym. Everyone knows what they’re doing and you’re just the awkward one that stays the hell away from the weight area. You feel like everyone is staring at you and judging the fact that you have absolutely no idea […]

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