Jordan Younger is a a health coach, writer, blogger, podcaster, and writer. She has 229K+ followers on Instagram and has been featured on The Today Show, Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, and many other well-known publications.

With that said, let's dive in deep with Jordan Younger.

Once you start to do that inner healing work, food becomes beautiful, food becomes medicine, food becomes joy and laughter and community and deliciousness.

1. Advice for those struggling with anorexia or orthorexia.

2. What symptoms were you experiencing that led you to be diagnosed with Lyme disease?

Terrible rashes and full body hives, chronic fatigue (EXTREME… could not get out of bed for almost a year), a uterine fibroid the size of a grapefruit, brain fog, severe joint pain, severe jaw pain, and mysterious full body pain that was starting to take over my life.

3. What have you learned from having a disease?

I have uncovered past traumas from childhood and adolescence that I had completely forgotten about or glossed over as “not that big of a deal” that have been sitting in my body and soul and wreaking havoc on my sensitive system for all of these years.

4. Three quick tips that help you relieve anxiety.

CBD, getting outside in the fresh air, and being with people who I love.

5. Can you tell us why you decided to stop drinking and how you manage social events?

When I got sick with Lyme and really dedicated my life to the healing lifestyle, it no longer made sense to me to put something I view as a poison into my body.

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