Meet the beautiful Ficus Lyrata, aka the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This popular plant has become a must-have for many indoor spaces... but taking care of it isn't as easy at it seems. 

Here are the top 4 tips to ensure your fiddle leaf fig continues to grow and lives a long and happy life.


Before you buy a fig, make sure you have a good location for the plant to live.  Indirect sunlight is best! Find an area with a window or a skylight and your fig will thrive!

#1: Light and Location

Main rule is to never let the soil sit in water for too long. Water your fig about once a week, but if the soil is wet, just let it be until it dries up.

#2: Watering

The ideal temperature for your Lyrata to live in is: 55º-85ºF. Any setting below 55ºF will not suffice.

#3: Temperature

Plan on re-fertilizing your Lyrata once or twice a year. Specifically with rich, well-drained peaty soil.

#4: Fertilizer

Give your Lyrata a new home so it can grow to it’s true potential!

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