I  L O V E  A N D  R E C O M M E N D


The perfect start to your podcast journey. They have the BEST interviews.They talk about a wide variety of topics and get very specific in each one of them.

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her

The one and only spot you need to go to get the top five celebrity stories for the day. This podcast feels like you are just chatting it up with your friends.

The Morning Toast

A podcast full of life lessons. Krista and Lindsay discuss intriguing and important topics that are perfect for the girl in her twenties. They have created a very supportive and positive community safe for deep conversations.

Almost 30

Joe Rogan covers every topic under the sun from gut health with the best Doctors in the world, the ketogenic diet, the latest on birth control to hunting, MMA and politics. This podcast has it all.

Joe Rogan Experience

Warning: this podcast is rated R. However, it is very funny and very real.

Call Her Daddy

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