How to get your groove back: April Intentions

Happy Hump Day!

Lately, I have been catching myself only living for the weekends. Feeling ehhh about the week and then dying for Friday. My motivation is so low and my energy is slacking. Anyone else feel like this?

Guess what? People are saying it’s because of the Mercury Retrograde!!! Don’t worry – it will all be over April 15th. I may or may not be counting down the days! I need my sanity back ASAP. lol

Setting my intentions for the month was a saving grace for me. Read my March intentions here. I feel so much release writing these. Try it! I always feel much more clear headed, motivated & excited when I have goals to look forward to and work on for the month. It’s my favorite therapeutical trick to get my groove back!

Here are my goals for this month:

April Monthly Intentions

1. Why be moody when you can shake your booty?

Like I said I’ve been kind of dreading the work week. Feeling fatigued, tired and out of it. When I’m feeling this way, I start to freak out & panic. I’m a hard worker and I put a lot of pressure on myself. As I’m sure most of us do, but sometimes the pressure is too much. It starts to suck my energy and I become drained. This intention is to remind myself that it is okay to have off weeks, it is okay to let the pressure go. It is okay to not take things sooo seriously. Everything we do is supposed to be fun! When we take things so seriously, it becomes less fun. This intention is also to remind myself to play more. Playing isn’t just for children. It’s for adults too. Whether that means playing more card games, playing outside with a ball, surfing, or dancing. I need to stress less and play more.

2. Remember that other people are a reflection of you so be KIND!

I love this one! I think we all need the reminder to smile at others, compliment one another and to look out for the little things you can do for someone else. Kindness goes a long way. When I feel stressed, I can get more irritable to others. To my family, to my loved ones and friends. I’m constantly practicing balancing my stress and letting go so I can give others my positive energy.

3. No waking up & scrolling!

UGH! Such a bad habit I have let myself get into! Before I know it, I’ve been scrolling for two hours and then my morning is gone & I’m rushing to work. I want to redo my morning routine. Wake up early, drink a cup of coffee, go on a morning walk, journal with a candle on, and relax! Setting up a morning routine is so good for your digestive system, too! It truly does set your morning up for success. What is your morning routine?

4. There is no glory for overdoing it! REST when you feel tired!

I need this embedded on my forehead, honestly. REST – my biggest weakness in life. When I feel tired, I feel like I’ve been defeated. It’s because I’m a control freak and I can’t control when I’m tired. These past three weeks, I’ve been busy. Ew I hate that word. On the go like 24/7 for 3 weeks straight. Most people can handle that, I’m one that can not. My body literally shuts down to the point where I can’t move, get out of bed or think. I have the biggest tendency to say YES to every plan that comes my way. This weekend I finally had to say NO. Next weekend I’m going to Mexico, so that would have been 5 straight weekends of me being out of town. Another reason why I’ve been dying during the work week is because I just haven’t stopped and had “me” time. I love being around others and making memories, but it is SO important for me to stop and love myself.

5. Affirm that you are enough every damn day.

I’m where I’m supposed to be!


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