Easy Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

In this video, I teach you step by step on how to do an effortless beachy wave hair style. If you’re confused on how to curl your hair in the first place, watch this tutorial as I will teach you the basics, my tips and how to achieve that natural, wavy hair look.

You can wear this hair style dressed up with a pretty dress and some earrings or dressed down with a pair of shorts and crop top! It’s the perfect style for any look you are trying to achieve.

Below are the products I used for this Easy Beach Wave Hair Tutorial:

Seriously, only three products! That is it!

I swear by these products as well! I’ve tried all different kinds of curling irons, and this is the only tool that I have found to be the most effective! Plus, it’s the only the iron that my hair will hold a curl for so that is a win, in itself.

Depending on the thickness of your hair and skill level, this hair style can take 30 minutes or less to achieve!

I particularly love curling my hair for special occasions like date nights and fun outings because I have really long and thick hair. But when I do, a photo opp is always in order!

Gotta take a pic or it didn’t happen, right?

Thank you so much for much for watching this Easy Beach Wave Hair Tutorial! Let me know if you would like more hair tutorials!

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Happy quarantining! xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this. Our new norm can also consist of feeling and looking good. I just showered/exfoliated, did my hair, trying a new self-tanning by Bondi Sand and whitening my teeth. Life is good ♥️????