Answering all of the gut-health questions!

Answering all of the gut-health questions!

I’ve been getting a lot of Q’s about my gut-related stuff. So I wanted to create a blog post for you to use as a resource to access my entire journey. That way you’re not searching all over the blog to find the answers. Everything is here. I will continue to update this post with anymore gut-related blog posts I write in the future. So here it is – Answering all of the gut-health questions!


Just trying to make things easier for you 🙂

Also, if you still have questions don’t be afraid to DM me on IG, message me on here, or contact me however you would like. I love helping because I totally understand the frustration!

Below is the timeline to my gut-health journey: 

My SIBO diagnoses: Read here about all of my symptoms. This post also shows the first treatment I did in the pursuit to heal my SIBO. It was the very beginning of my journey, before I found my naturopathic Doctor. This treatment was unsuccessful, but usually the first treatment of SIBO is.

The next step to my SIBO journey: This post shows what I’ve learned since doing the first treatment. I learned that doing the SIBO bi-phasic diet is more effective than the SIBO specific diet. (I still hadn’t met my naturopathic Doctor at this point).

When my healing really began: I found my naturopathic Doctor! I tried the elemental diet and a prokinetic – it goes into further detail of what that is. I also started seeing a pelvic health specialist and she started doing visceral manipulation to my stomach.

After the elemental diet: This post shows that after the elemental diet, I ate the SIBO Bi-phasic diet. It shows what I ate and other techniques to help my healing. I also continued visceral manipulation.

The next treatment I did didn’t make it on to the blog because well… I felt tired of talking about it since nothing was working. However, since this next treatment helped my girlfriend cure her own SIBO, I will tell you what I did! My Doctor put me on the elemental diet for breakfast and lunch and the bi-phasic diet for dinner. I followed this diet for 14 days. After the 14 days, she put me on antibiotics the next day for the next 14 days. I stayed on a prokinetic for the entire time and continued visceral manipulation.

After the 28 days, we re-tested and unfortunately we didn’t see any improvement. Keep in mind my Doctor had me test before and after every treatment to measure the SIBO’s improvement. Most Doctors don’t do this and it doesn’t make sense to me why they wouldn’t! So please request that you are tested after EVERY treatment to make sure the SIBO is actually being killed.

After a year of trying, my Doctor and I made the conscious decision to focus on the core problem to my SIBO. The SIBO was growing at the same rate as when I was killing it. So what was causing the rapid growth?

My gut’s slow motility and constipation. I noticed this was from stress.

Here is what I’m doing currently: Unfortunately the SIBO treatments didn’t work for me. However, this is. Read this post here. 

I’m also taking apple-cider vinegar gummies called Goli. These help with my digestion A LOT! Use code Shylah5 at check out!

During a gut-flare (AKA when my stomach is constantly bloated, constipated inflamed and in pain) I go on a strict all meat diet…weird I know. But it helps! It reduces the inflammation and bloating so much! It totally heals my gut. 

I’m staying the hell away from garlic and onion! (Which is hard and sometimes almost impossible when you go out to eat!)

I’m really focusing on my stress. Think yoga, steam room sessions, waking up early with a cup of coffee, journal sessions, breath work, facials, candles, and family time. Anything that helps me wind down.

I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my symptoms. I feel like a completely new person. Everyday I’m learning more and more about my body, the more I work with it, the better I feel!

Best part, I’m rarely constipated! If I am, I just go on my all meat diet and use Mag 07!

That’s it!

I hope you found this blog post helpful -“Answering all of the gut-health questions!” Please let m know if you have any questions or comments!

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  1. Connie says:

    Shylah you nailed it in describing your gut health journey. I am so proud of you for never giving up and for sharing this very personal health journey, in the hope of helping others. ♥️????????