All about the natural pill that has saved my gut

Warning! This post has to do with going to the bathroom 🙂   (AKA #2)

LOL – 

Most people I know relate to the fact that I have digestion issues. So when I find something that actually helps, I am willing to embarrass myself and write about it on here in hopes that it helps you, too!

With all embarrassment and judgment aside…. because we all do it, this post is about going #2. 

Without beating around the bush, I deal with constipation. Growing up, I thought not going to the bathroom for a week was totally normal. I thought pooping was gross (still do) and I felt embarrassed about doing it (still do). 

Fast forward to my college years, I had to deal with it because it got worse. 

I mean, it got so bad that I went to the hospital (twice). 

My stomach started hurting all of the time, my bloating was unmanageable, and I was just completely uncomfortable and exhausted. 

Last year, after multiple Doctors visits, I was finally diagnosed with SIBO-C. Unfortunately, after a year of trying to get rid of the disease, nothing helped…until now. 

Ever since my naturopathic doctor suggested Mag 07, my life has done a complete 180. It’s basically a really strong form of magnesium. 

After taking it once, I became regular. It was like magic. 

Now when my stomach flares (and I get constipated), which is only once every 4-5 weeks (better than everyday), I’ll take 3-4 pills at night and by the next morning, I’m back to being regular again. 

All of my friends who struggle with constipation, and have tried Mag 07 has loved it. However, I’m not a doctor and this post is not sponsored. I just want to share whats been working for me and my friends because we can all relate. Not going to the bathroom is painful, unhealthy and frustrating. 

I don’t solely rely on this pill to make me go to the bathroom, however. I still have a morning routine, do yoga 3 times a week, eat a healthy diet and sometimes a low fodmap diet when my gut freaks out. BUT, incorporating Mag 07 into the mix has definitely changed my life and my gut.

Mag 07 doesn’t hurt or cramp your tummy. It’s all natural, which is also a game changer. 

Again, I’m not a Doctor, but from my personal experience, I recommend you start at 3 pills at night and on a weekend….that way you have the next day as a safety net if you’re gut is more sensitive to it.

Enjoy! 🙂

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