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Guess what?!

I moved!

Before I “move on,” let me give you some context. I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 18 years old to go to college. For four years, I lived with roommates, but my parents supported me financially.

Once I graduated, I moved back with my parents to save money and pay off some student loan debt. I LOVED living with my parents. I know, super unusual, but like for real, they are my besties. For me, moving back home was the best thing that could have happened to me. I saved a lot of money, so that I’m now able to support myself and it provided me structure while I transition into the real world.

 After two years, I knew it was time to move out on my own. Well, not totally on my own. I live with my good friend Jessica, but I mean financially on my own.

Jess and I had planned to move out in October, but an amazing apartment about a block away from the beach popped up on Craigslist and we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity!

So, it was game time!

This is the FIRST time ever that I have actually cared about what my place looks like. You know how college homes are… you just figure out between your roommates who has furniture and you hope for the best. However, I’ve realized through my mental health journey, that making your home into a sanctuary and a place you love being in, is so important. So, I really want to invest in it.

So here I am investing and pouring my love into my new sanctuary.

I’ve been updating ya’ll on the gram regarding the process of making my new home super cute, but I want to show you my inspiration, too! As well as a link to all of the décor, furniture etc. that I have bought along the way in case you want it, too!

Let’s start with the living room. 

Since our apartment is right next to the beach, we want to incorporate a beachy, Australian, bohemian vibe. Think white and brown with greenery, and pops of dark and beige shades. We loved the color white because it makes the room look a little bit bigger and a lot cleaner. Then, the brown shades remind me of tan lines and sandy coast lines. The black pops of color kind of ties everything together. It’s all very healthy, natural and earthy.

Moving on to my bedroom

My bedroom sits right next to the living room, so I wanted the transition from the living room room to my room to be very easy, aesthetically speaking. I’m using the same color tones as the living room and kitchen because they make me feel happy! I’m thinking about adding a little pop of color by rolling out a dark red bohemian rug. I think it will give the room more character, but I haven’t completely decided on that… it’s a little bold of me!

Finally, the bathroom

This room is full of whites and beige. Everything we have bought so far is from Target. I have linked everything below! I’m obsessed with our shower curtain! Jess picked it out and it’s seriously so cute! It has little tassels at the bottom of it which I think gives a standard white shower curtain a bit more character. My biggest pet peeve when I go into a bathroom is when there is stuff on the counter, so we have all of our toilet trees tightly organized everything in our drawers or medicine cabinet. Nothing but a soap dispenser, a face towel holder (which are little white towels tightly rolled into a wooden brown box) and flowers are on the counter. It’s very fresh and clean. 

We are still in the process of setting everything up so I will share photos as soon as it is done, but for now above are the photos of my inspiration and links to products/furniture/décor that I have bought!

Let me know if you love!

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  1. Jake says:

    Where did you get the metal bed frame?