2019 Resolutions

Ever since I started the monthly intentions series this year, I’ve been obsessed with goal setting. Monthly, weekly, daily and now yearly. To be honest, I’ve never been a resolution girl. I kind of always thought it was silly to wait until the New Year to “pretend” to live a different lifestyle. The reason I say “pretend” is because it is very rare when people actually “stick” to their resolutions.

However, my resolutions aren’t life changing and hard to stick to. They have been things I’ve been working on in 2018 and feel like in 2019 I can make happen.


I’ve realized this year that keeping my space clean has totally changed my headspace. It helps me think clearly and makes me happy when I know where everything is. I’ve always been clean, but not the keep everything tidy 24/7 kind of girl. I’ve just always thought I didn’t have time during the week and then on the weekend I would be OCD.

Not only has being organized with my stuff helped my mental health, but so has being organized when it comes to my blogging career. I want to buy some hard drives, organize all of my photos, keep a spread sheet of all of my collaborations and open up a separate bank account for my business. Things that I’ve been putting off, which is making me even more unorganized.


I moved back home a year and a half ago after college. I’m not going to lie, I LOVE being back home. I have a pretty sweet set up, but it’s time. Time to really dive into the real world. I have a real job, I’m half way through paying off my college loans, and I’m just ready to have my own space.

The next steps is finding a roommate and an apartment. Oh, and a white kitchen with a lot of natural lighting 😉 I don’t ask for much, LOL!


Even though I have been living at home, I have not been saving. All of my money has gone to my student loans. I really want to be strategic with my money and not blow it all on my loans. I want to learn how much to spend in each area of my life. Think – food, savings, rent, business, gym, etc.

I feel like this also goes into the “budget” category – I have been eating out A LOT lately. Like bad. It’s become a habit. I haven’t even thought about making my own lunches for work. It’s become a chore rather than something I love to do. The amount of money I have spent of door dash makes me sick. I’m breaking the habit, and starting 2019 on a budget.


This year I FINALLY found out what was causing all of my gut issues. I was diagnosed with SIBO. After a lot of research, I found out how hard it was to kill the damn thing. I decided after a lot of trial and error that it was best for me to heal my gut in January, after the holidays.

I know I will heal my gut once and for all because I found a naturopathic Doctor that knows everything about my issue. She has me on a plan and path for a cured gut. I need to focus on how I feel during this time and not what I look like. I know my weight will be fluctuating a lot during my treatment so I need to just trust my Doctor and the process. Everything will be okay.


Lastly – I want to stay true to myself and to you. I’m a very honest, no bull-shit kind of girl. I will spill everything about my life only if it helps you. I want to stay true to that notion for 2019. It’s so easy to get lost in comparison and lose sight of your business while you are in the thick of it. But I truly want to keep this platform extremely real and extremely Shylah May <3

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