Paleo Cashew Collagen Cookies

Sweet tooth QUEEN coming in HAWT…

When I first started my paleo journey, I freaked. What do you mean no gluten, dairy, and grains (AKA oatmeal)?!

But don’t you worry babes, if there is a way, there is a will to make paleo still taste delicious and sweet.

Especially when you have Rachael DeVaux in your life… or in your Instagram feed…

I consider Rachael to be the cookie God. I tried out her Cashew Collagen Cookie recipe and felt selfish to not share it on here! It is absolutely incredible. Guilt-free and clean, but oh, SO gooey, chewy and chocolatey.

Try it out and let me know what ya think!

Also, read the health benefits of collagen here.

I also would love to know if you have any guilt-free, sweet recipes in the comments below! Help a sweet tooth out 🙂

Paleo Cashew Collagen Cookie Recipe

• 1 @vitalfarms egg
• 3 TBSP honey
• 1/4 coconut oil melted
• 1/3 cashew butter
• 1 TSP unsweetened almond milk
• 1 1/4 cup of @bobsredmill finely ground almond flour
• 1/4 TSP baking soda
• 1/2 TSP cinnamon
• 1 @traderjoes 85% cacao chocolate bar
• 3 scoops of vitalproteins unflavored collagen peptides

* Preheat oven 325 degrees F.
* Bake for 12 minutes and Broil for 2 minutes

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  1. Diane says:

    Thank you for sharing – they are yummy!
    3-ingredient Detox Cookies
    3 – ripe bananas (mashed)
    1/2 cup almond butter
    1/2 cup cocoa powder (organic)
    Pinch of Sea salt (course)

    Mix until smooth and uniform consistently
    Drop a tablespoon size on greases or lined Baking sheet
    Sprinkle with salt
    Bake 8-12 mins at 350
    Cool 3-5 mins

  2. Shylah says:

    Sounds delicious!

    Thank you for the recipe 🙂