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Barcelona, I love you!

I feel like I can give you my advice and recommendations on Barcelona now that I have been there twice. 

Let me preface this by saying, I would totally go back for a third time, fourth, fifth and so on… it’s just one of those places that you will NEVER get sick of. There’s just SO much to do!

It was Trevor’s first time visiting so I got to play Tour Guide and act like I ran the damn place. Fake it till ya make it, ya know? We only got lost a handful of times, but Trevor doesn’t know that!

Let’s get right into it!


People will give you their recommendations, yelp will have their top picks but I’m here to tell you that you can’t go wrong. Walk into ANY tapas restaurant and I promise you, they are all so good!

Healthy Restaurants:

I think the main reason I could see myself living here is because they are one of the few places in Europe that has actual “healthy” restaurants… and they are so damn good! Here are my faves:

Brunch and Cake: Trevor and I split their acai bowl, avocado toast and eggs benedict! I also got a decaf almond milk latte JEverything is delicious and their presentation is out of this world. I totally recommend the eggs benedict!

Flax and Kale: Anything you get here, you can’t go wrong! Trevor and I split their acai bowl, avocado toast and eggs benedict. Do you see a pattern in our ordering? Lol… I also got a decaf almond milk latte here. Then later we ordered their healthy icecream. I totally recommend their icecream and acai bowls! I would eat here every day if I could…

P.s. they have the cutest bathroom. It makes for the perfect selfie!

Teresa’s: I went here with my sister two years ago and I totally can’t remember what we ordered, but I know that we loved it. This place is more of a dinner restaurant!

Where to stay:

Last time I stayed in the apartments at the beach. It was beautiful, quiet, and only a short distance away from the bars. However, it was pretty out of the way when it came down to everything else. 

This time, we stayed at the Park Hotel which was amazing. It was just a short walk to every hot neighborhood. The rooms were small, but clean and nice. It worked, ya know? Trevor and I loved it and will be back!

Things to do:

  • Park Güell
  • La Sagrada Familia Catholic Church
  • Mercat de la Boqueria
  • La Rambla Street
  • Bike in the Parc de la Ciutadella
  • Visit the Arc De Triomf
  • Picnic at the Bunker De Carmel for sunset
  • Check out the Barcelona Cathedral
  • Get a sangria at the takeaway stands along the sand and then beach it
  • Walk around Gothic Quarter, El Born and the beach cities
  • Enjoy a gelato, or two!
  • Hop from tapas bar to tapas bar!
  • Find yourself a paella (there’s veggie options, too!)
  • Have drinks at the top of the W in their rooftop bar (insane views)
  • Check out their local events…there’s always something going on!

Things to prepare yourself for:

  • Everyone smokes cigarettes…it was really gross. Like it is EVERYWHERE. A total epidemic if you ask me.
  • Basically no one in Europe believes in toilet seat covers so you have to make your own out of toilet paper.
  • The smell… it’s kind of like NYC in the summer. Lots of sewage smells…yum!
  • Pit-pocketing! This is an actual epidemic. Don’t bring a lot of cash on you. Don’t wear a backpack unless you plan on wearing it in front of you. They will cut the bottom of it and all of your things will fall out! Keep your things hidden and always have your phone in your hand! Trevor and I didn’t have a problem with this, but better to be aware especially when there is a lot of people around you!
  • Buy tickets to La Sagrada Familia Catholic Church ahead of time…it’s usually sold out!

I hope you have a blast! Please ask any questions you may have… I’m here to be your virtual tour guide, too! 😉

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