What I Eat in a Day | Weekly Workouts

When I first started the whole “fitness/healthy” lifestyle, I absolutely LOVED getting ideas of what to eat from other healthy babes! I think I might start doing posts like these once a month… let me know if you find them helpful!

I follow a paleo-based diet. It’s basically a whole foods diet, high in fats, proteins and moderate amount of carbs. You just can’t eat oats, breads, rice, beans, potatoes or other starchy carbohydrates. I started following this diet because of my tummy issues.

Since I’ve started following the paleo lifestyle, my acne has cleared, my inflammation in my body has reduced considerably, and my stomach is no longer in pain. (AKA no more bloating – T-GOD)

What I Eat in a Day:

I start the day off at work with my morning decaf coffee. I love my coffee black! Then, I make breakfast!


0% FAGE Greek Yogurt, with half a banana if I’m feeling extra hungry. I always add a heaping tablespoon of unsalted raw almond butter, cacao nibs, honey & cinnamon.


I ate a cashew cookie Larabar. There’s only TWO freaking ingredients in these bad boys! Dates & Cashews. DONE!


I ate a huge kale salad. For better digestions, I massaged the kale leaves for 5-10 minutes with olive oil, lemon and apple cider vinegar. I added an egg for healthy fats and protein and then sprinkled Everything Bagel Seasoning and chopped walnuts on top!


I had a couple handfuls of mixed nuts.


I’m not an ambassador, but I’m obsessed with Sun Basket. Check them out. I felt like the ultimate chef creating the steak and charred vegetables with basil and lemon. They have a paleo menu -which makes it easy to eat paleo and create new paleo recipes!


Healthy Hot Chocolate – I drink this everyday. Sweet tooth problems!!

Weekly Workouts

Monday: REST DAY

Tuesday: LEG DAY – (Check out my IG Story Highlights for video of the workout)

  • 4×12: Leg Press Machine
    S U P E R S E T
    4×15 weighted curtsy lunges
  • 4×8 lunges on the assisted squat machine
  • 3×15 wighted kick backs
    S U P E R S E T
    3×15 Romanian Deadlift with dumbbell
  • 4×25 abductor machine
  • 3×10 single leg lying leg curls

Wednesday: Hot Yoga

Thursday: Upper Body (Check out my IG Story Highlights for video of the workout)

  • 4×12 Lateral Pull Downs
  • 4×15 Straight arm lat pull down
  • 4×15 Cable Rope Rear delt row
  • 4×12 Seated Rows
  • 4x 8-12 Side Lateral Raises
  • 4×12 Bent Arm Later Raises
  • 3×12 Upright Dumbell Row
  • 4×25 Rear Deltoid Raises

Friday: SPIN


SUNDAY: Outdoor workout – We walked the street fair and the beach. Got in a quick 10,000 steps in the sun! Read why it’s important to workout in the sun here.


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