I’m on Youtube!

Don’t you worry – this blog ain’t going anywhere!

I decided to incorporate some video to the blog for all my visual babes out there! So ya know, you get the best of both worlds. Blog + Vlog.

Plus, I like a little change.

It keeps things spicy.

My first video was a “Get to know me – Q+A styled video”.

Here’s what we covered:

What’s my age and height?

What’s my day job?

What kind of protein do I recommend?

How often do I do yoga?

If I could eat anything I wanted without any repercussions, what would I eat?

Was there ever a point where I never thought I would be happy with my body?

Do Trevor (my boyfriend) and I ever fight?

When do I want to be engaged?

What kind of upbringing/background do I come from?

How do Trevor and I keep the relationship so fresh?

What were some of the hardest parts of starting my healthy lifestyle?

How did I get started with the concept of my blog and social media platform?

Enjoy xxx

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