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I’ve been wanting to talk about why I created a clothing brand from some time now. It’s been on my heart and I felt the need to share my story and the “why” behind Shop Shylah May.

I struggled with mental health issues throughout the majority of college and I remember often questioning “why me?” I remember sitting in my bed too many times to count… crying and feeling like those feelings of anxiety, depression and panic were never going to go away.

It wasn’t until a year after college did I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those last 5 years of constant stress and pain were finally coming to an end. I remember when I was finally starting to feel like myself again there were a lot of “full circle moments.”

My question of “why me” was finally getting answered.

Because of my anxiety and depression, I started a blog to talk about the “hush hush” topics. In return, beautiful conversations were formed with people all over the world who could relate. Most importantly, I came to the realization that I was actually blessed with a mental health disorder to help others navigate theirs. It all made sense to me.

My goal is to be 100% honest on my blog and Instagram and sometimes that means talking about some of my hardest and darkest moments. But in return, I’ve had the opportunity to save multiple lives, to listen to those who need to be heard, and to help others feel less alone.

Mental health is very serious. It is my biggest passion and something I will never stop prioritizing. I wanted to create a brand that showcased that. I wanted to create a brand that was a reflection of my own life-style of self-love and priority for mental health.

I wanted to create a clothing line for everyone to feel good in their outfit – that’s where we came up with the slogan “feel good fits.”

Loungewear is only the beginning. However, the reason why I started off with it is because there is no better feeling than coming home, changing out of your jeans and jumping into your “comfy clothes.” Baggy clothes allow your body to breathe and work at it’s optimal level because it’s no longer being restricted. Loungewear allows you to just relax and feel good.

The reason why we embroidered the positive affirmation “love yourself” to the items was because it is the motto I have lived by since the first day I heard it – in a yoga class my sophomore year of college. It’s something that has completely changed my life. My college friends can back me up on this because they used to giggle at me when I would walk around my sorority saying “love yourself and everything will be okay”…. but it’s true. Love yourself and everything WILL be okay. The journey to self love is long, but it is beautiful and empowering.

Thank you so much for supporting mine and my mom’s new small business and clothing brand – Shop Shylah May. We feel so blessed to have this empowering community and spreading a powerful message with you.

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