3 Tips to Fake it Till You Make It At the Gym

3 tips to fake it till you make it at the gymStarting from ground zero with any goal SUCKS. I remember feeling so intimidated walking into the gym. Everyone knows what they’re doing and you’re just the awkward one that stays the hell away from the weight area. You feel like everyone is staring at you and judging the fact that you have absolutely no idea what the hell you are doing. I’ve been there and its the worst… that’s why I created 3 tips to fake it till you make it at the gym to jumpstart your confidence.

I remember just hopping on an elliptical and calling it a day. I would even go to the gym at like 5:15 AM when there wasn’t any fitness classes and hide in their secluded room just to avoid all of the active gym rats and workout in peace. It took me a while to get comfortable, find a routine and figure out what the hell I was doing.



My fricken best friend. If it wasn’t for YouTube, I would still be SO confused at the gym. I probably would still just being doing cardio, abs and a few leg workout machines. YouTube taught me everything I know about the gym, weight training, nutrition, proper form and so on. In fact my favorite thing to do before any workout is hop on the stair master and catch up with all of my fitness YouTubers. WHY?

  1. It makes CARDIO go by faster
  2. It gives me inspo for my workout

You can literally take their workout, screenshot each exercise & use it for your own good. That’s how you fake till you make it especially when you’ve always wanted to try weight training. Weights aren’t scary once you know what to do & YouTubers will give you your workouts for FREE.

My favorite fitness YouTubers are Taylor Chamberlain, Heidi Somers, Nikki Blacketter, & Whitney Simmons.


I know…so obvious, but seriously a life savor. Google “weight training plans for women” and an array of FREE workout plans pop up. No need to pay x amount of dollars for Kayla Itness. Its all there for you. If you don’t know what a work out looks like, google it. Photos of the workout will pop up for you. You’re going to be looking like a BOSS BABE in no time at the gym & in life.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… I know what you’re thinking. Bodybuilding…ew. I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK “BULKY”!!

I swear most girl’s reaction to weight training is I don’t want to get “bulky”. Guess what?! That absolutely won’t happen unless you’re on steroids, eating over 2,000 calories and lifting weights 24/7. If your goal is to tone & look fit, weight training is perfect for you. But, that’s a different post for a different time! The BodySpace app is by bodybuilding.com. It’s completely FREE. (I feel like I’m a salesman for it) LOL! I’m not. But, if you need help with what to do at the gym when it comes to weight training, the BodySpace app is a great reference. They provide shoulder workouts, back workouts, leg workouts, ab workouts for women with videos on how to do each work out. Like, come on – the perfect tool to fake it till ya make it.

Let me know if any of these tips help you overcome your fear of weight training at the gym! Remember, no one is actually looking at you or judging you! Put some headphones on and fake it till you make it at the gym!

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