Dress like a boss babe

You’ll rarely ever see me in “normal” clothes. I’m always strutting workout clothes even if I’m not working out. It’s just convenient. I mean, give me a break, I live in San Diego. Its trendy here!! However, nothing feels better than when you dress up like a boss babe. Am I right?! You feel an electric shock of confidence when your makeup is on “fleek” (are people still saying that?) and when you have the most perfect outfit on! (the one that tucks everything in and shows all the goods off).

My girlfriend, Sam and I were talking over brunch (in our workout clothes, not working out) about how she bought all of these gorgeous clothes and had absolutely nothing to wear them too. A serious tragedy.

After our conversation, I started researching successful people and their habits, routines and how the hell they stay on track. One of the most popular responses was to dress like a boss babe or dress for the job you want. Same diff.

I started thinking about the way I dress…workout clothes every damn day. I legit roll out of bed, put my hair up, wash my face & brush my teeth, reach for the Lululemon leggings and whatever top, Nikes and I’m out the door. Lazy or convenient? Again, same diff.

I realize when I don’t look my best, I don’t do my best. I’m not putting in the extra effort in myself which carries out to the way I do my work. Not putting in the extra effort.

It starts with yourself. Dress like a boss babe, and you will be a boss babe.

You don’t need an event or a party just to be able to dress up. All you need to do is wake up 30-40 minutes earlier in the morning for “me” time…time to pamper yourself. A little mascara + a cute ass outfit goes a long way.

Here is my favorite boss babe outfit.

Thigh high boots…ugh yes

Turtle neck black dress (sophisticated, yet edgy)

Brown coat to pull it all together… I got this one from H&M forever again, but heres a similar one. 

& of course… make up on fleek 😉

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