What I didn’t know about getting off of BC

Hey babes!

I shared with you all that I got off birth control cold turkey. If you missed it, read about it here!

I’m letting you know now that this post can be a lot, like maybe a lot of TMI. Warning you now…Mom! 😉

I had no idea that getting off birth control was going to be quite the rollercoaster. I got on birth control not because I needed help with my cramps, emotions or acne, but as a form of pregnancy prevention. So I thought that once I stopped the pill, life would resume as normal. (HAHA!)

Life was anything, but normal once I stopped the pill. No one had told me:

  • my hormones fluctuated like crazy
  • my hair fell out
  • my PH levels were off (hello yeast infection)
  • I would be such a joy to be around… lol.

This lasted 2 months. Your body takes 2-4 months to get back on track off BC. Everyone is different, but I wish I would have known and prepared for all of these side effects from getting off the pill.

Here are the perks of getting off the pill –

  • Sex drive increases
  • My period is back and regular (Mine was off and irregular on the pill)
  • My anxiety and depression decreased
  • My appetite decreased
  • I’m more in sync with my body and mood.

Overall, I’m so happy about getting off the pill. Those symptoms when getting off felt like they were going to last forever, but they don’t. My hormones balanced out after 2 months, but it will vary from person to person. I feel more in tune with my body, I can control my mood swings, I love being able to tell when my periods are going to come, I feel mentally strong and weirdly enough my gut feels better, too!


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