September Intentions + Life Update

I feel like my life has been flying by…like how the heck is it already September?! When I feel like I’ve been “busy” like I do right now, when time just won’t stop, I know it’s a sign that I absolutely need to reflect.

Reflect on last month, this year, my goals, my experiences, my strengths and weaknesses. My planner helps me out a lot with this. I realize how much I have done from flipping through each week and reminding myself of the trips I took, tasks I checked off, goals I accomplished, workouts I crushed (or skipped) and social events I attended.

In August, I felt so “busy” that I didn’t stop to even fill out my planner, which is why my first intention is:


When my life has a lot going on, I’m always looking forward to the next thing. I don’t have “time” to even stop and think twice about what I did yesterday. This makes time feel like I’m going 100 mph and I’m done going at this pace. I absolutely need to stop, briefly jot down what is going on in my life and reflect, journal. Whatever it may be, I need to reminisce on those memories and feel all of the emotions that my planner gives me when I flip through the pages.


I announced on my Instagram that I finally received a diagnoses for my tummy issues. Long story short, I have SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth). First step is killing the bacteria, which is a long, strenuous process. My intention for this month is to find a Dr. that specializes in this field, that has a successful past for killing SIBO (please share any suggestions). The next step is sticking to a diet/protocol that agrees with my body until I can normalize everything. This is probably going to be the hardest thing for me to do, stick to a “diet”. I’m a sweets whore & eating plain foods is just not my jam. I know I will have to be following the elimination diet, which will KILL me and not satisfy cravings. Wish me luck.


Even though I eat healthier treats, I still eat a lot of sugar. I’ve noticed that I’ve been tweaking each of my meals to be sweet. I think the only meals where I don’t eat something sweet is for lunch and dinner. Breakfasts and all my snacks throughout the day are catered to my sweet craving. It’s time to put a stop to the madness as sugar is the worst thing for your gut and it’s definitely not on the elimination diet that I will have to be on to kill SIBO. I want to start weaning off the sugar (including fruit) to help me transition into the diet I will be on to heal my gut.


It’s time to get back into my fitness routine. There’s no better feeling than finishing a workout. My endorphins are pumping, I feel accomplished and the results are so motivating. Lately, I have been out of my normal workout routine. Like, not making it a priority at all. I just feel blobby, ya know? I want to make it my priority again not because I have to, but because it makes me feel so good and happy. Staying active truly affect my mental health and will always be apart of me. I’m not myself when I don’t get my 4-5 workouts a week.


I get really excited about going on trips with friends, hanging out with friends, and being with Trevor and my family that I sometimes forget what it’s like to hang out with just me. Especially this month, since I was constantly around people and never by myself. I’ve realized in the last year, that my alone time is so important. Instead of coming home from work and going straight to my phone or TV when I’m alone, I want to make value of that time I have to myself. Think light some candles, write, REFLECT, read, blog, etc. Something for myself that’s relaxing. I also want to make my morning time routine and night time routine a priority again. I’ve gotten in the absolute WORST habit of checking my work email before I go to bed and right when I wake up. It’s like totally effecting my “me” time and sleep time.


Kay – let me know what you guys are working on this month! Also, please send me some planner recommendations… I’m looking for a new cute one!


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