August Intentions & Life Update

Hi babes!

I wanted to give you a quick little life update and be super real with you. This is the first time ever I finally feel myself. My anxiety is basically gone. My depression is long gone & I’m FINALLY enjoying a summer! I feel like I keep you all in the know of my struggles, but more importantly I want to keep you in the know of when I overcome them & how.

With that said, I’m still having tummy issues, but it’s getting better! I met with a gasteronologist last month and I’m FINALLY getting tested for SIBO on August 24th. So fingers crossed I find the root cause and I encourage you to do so, too!

I’ve got to admit, since I do finally feel “mentally” myself, I’ve been more prone to say “yes” to everything and haven’t been able to stick to my intentions as well as I would like to. I’ve been so busy – I honestly kind of forgot about them! It happens, I’m human!

This month I really want to pay more attention to them. I’m going to write them down and post it on my bulletin board so I see them every damn day! Accountability, ya know?!

August Intentions:
 SCROLLING is the enemy: 

I’ve been catching myself mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed…again. I broke this habit in March and FML…it’s back. I caught myself scrolling through everyone and their mother’s life and when I looked up 3 hours had gone by!!! 3 hours!!! I want to only use Instagram as a platform for inspiration. I will do this by going on the app with the intention that I’m on there to learn. Whether, I’m on there to learn more about recipes, workouts, self care tips, business tips etc. I’m on there to learn and not to scroll! Following people who only inspire you and provide valuable content helps, too!

 Yoga heals 

Yoga is so promising. It heals my mind, my body and my heart. I’m not joking, I feel so gross and stuck without it. This last month, I was trying to focus more on strength training, but my body didn’t respond well. My gut flared. (TMI I was constipated) My inflammation came back. I felt super tight and sick. However when I do yoga, everything in my body starts moving again. My mind feels free and my heart is full. When you work at a desk all day, it’s so important to open up and stretch at the end of the night. I notice a huge difference in myself when I do yoga & when I don’t. I love that it’s just me, my body weight and the mat. I want to do yoga 3-4 times a week & put my strength training on a hold for a bit.

 Learn Portion Control 

Not eating enough leads to problems, but also over eating leads to other problems. Your girl really needs to learn her portion control! I’ve been over-snacking. Plain and simple. Yes, everything is healthy, but my body is not responding well to eating 3 snacks in between lunch and dinner. hehe! I’ve been overeating during the work week… sitting at my desk…what else is there to do? 😉 At work, we have a stocked kitchen, so everyone is going over there for snacks. I won’t be hungry at all, but when I see someone walk over there and I hear their snack baggy open, it’s like something has taken over me and I’m STARVING. lol


Hi Trevor! I know you weren’t expecting to be one of my intentions, but you are 🙂

Trevor and I have an amazing relationship, we really do. I’m extremely grateful for it. I feel like since we’ve been constantly on the go this summer, hanging out with friends and family 24/7 (we both live at home now), it’s been hard to find that one-on-one time. I want to make him one of my priorities. Date nights, dawn patrol, surf dates, beach days, San Diego adventures, surprises etc. It is so important to keep that quality time a priority in your relationship.


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  1. Connie says:

    W❤️W what a wonderful Blog to read, all so positive. It’s so nice to have you back where I don’t have to worry so much. Shh….don’t tell Trevor-I still want him to babysit you the weekend we go to Little Italy. ????

  2. Adele Mimnaugh says:

    Love it Shylah ????. Happy everything is coming together. You are so in tune with yourself, it’s beautiful and inspiring. Thank you !

  3. Shylah says:

    Love seeing your name <3 Thank you, Aunt Adele!

  4. Shylah says:

    Hehe love you mom! Sorry for scaring you for so many years!