Okay, first of all, I never ever thought I would be writing a post about how I got rid of my acne.

Not because I don’t think it’s something you would be interested in, but because I never thought I would ever get rid of it.

Until recently, I had never been a skin care fanatic. I would just use a random face soap I bought from Target, lather on some moisturizer and call it a day. After listening to a few podcasts, my whole perspective on skin care changed.

I switched all of my products out for non-toxic, quality products and experimented with new steps.

Here is how I got rid of my acne:

I threw out my moisturizer. 

I realized at the end of the day my face was so shiny and oily, it looked like a bowling ball. At first, I thought this was just my skin type and I can’t do anything about it. Wrong. I decided to throw out my moisturizer. I stopped using it in the morning and at night. My skin was already producing it’s own natural oil to stay hydrated, and long story short, I was double hydrating my face. By moisturizing and double hydrating my face, I was blocking my pores. Hello grease and black heads!

At first, my face felt super dry when I stopped using moisturizer, but eventually my face start producing it’s own oils and felt normal again. I was getting less and less blemishes within the first two weeks.

I started eating a paleo diet

Diet took a HUGE part in getting rid of my acne. Basically, acne is a symptom of inflammation. If your body feels fatigued, warm, swollen, achey, or sick then you’re most likely inflamed. For me, I feel it all in my gut. My gut is where all of my inflammation is. So turning to a paleo diet, was life-changing. I cut out dairy and gluten from my diet. I also had to cut out oatmeal, rice, breads, starchy carbs, and potatoes. I started to eat more fats and incorporating the superfood Maca for hormone balance. I knew most of my acne stemmed from my hormones, stress and inflammation so it was time to get down to the root of the problem.

Less is more

I threw out all of my toxic face products and indulged in organic non-toxic brands. The only products I used on my face was this face wash and a little spritz of  this rose water in the morning and at night. I was also using a mask once every two weeks. Again, not over doing anything. If my face felt overly oily during the day, I wouldn’t wash it again, I would just rinse it with cold water.

Cold water

Weird tip, I know, but it totally works (for me)! At first, it felt super unbearable to splash cold water on my face, but now it feels so refreshing. Warm water tends to dehydrate your skin and cold water tightens up your up your pores, which prevents them from getting clogged. AKA prevents pimples!


I’m OBSESSED! CBB oil has helped me destress dramatically. Stress causes inflammation, and therefore causes breakouts. Again, I’m trying to tackle the core problems to my acne and stress was one of them. I take CBD oil under my tongue, once in the morning and once before I go to bed. CBD oil has brought down my cortisol levels (hormone), it’s natural and theres nothing to be afraid about. I use this one in the peppermint flavor!

Hot Yoga

Now, I don’t just lean on supplements to regulate my hormones or stress. I put in the work, too. I go into yoga with my life so unorganized and then come out with everything filed. Yoga not only works you out physically, but it also works out mentally. Yoga = less stress = less break outs.

No Makeup

Lastly, no makeup. All you want to do, when you break out is cover the damn thing up. However, it’s so crucial to let your skin breathe. Most importantly, don’t wear makeup especially when you sweat. If it’s hot, don’t wear makeup. If you’re going to workout, don’t wear makeup. If you absolutely have to wear makeup, wear a light powder foundation. I use Bare Minerals whenever I actually put makeup on and I love it, but I usually never wear makeup.

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