My Skin Care Routine

My skin care routine is my favorite part of my day. I find it so therapeutic to my mental health. I’ve never ever cared about the products I used on my skin, until about a year ago. (When I fell into a deep depression) This was just another step to taking care of myself and my self-care.

Last week, I talked about how I got rid of my acne. If you missed it, read it here! I talked about what my skin care routine was then, and the steps I took to completely clear my skin.

Now that my skin is clear, I wanted to address other areas that needed work. Such as my skin tone- I have a lot of redness in certain areas, I needed to address the scars that were left from my acne, as well as steps to keep my skin clear for good.


Here is my 4 Step Skin Care Routine:


TIP: Click on the graphic and it will take you to the product 🙂

Also, I love to hear other people’s skin care routines, so please spill in the comments below!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing your routine and what products you love to use. I enjoy hearing about what others use as well because I love to try new natural products. I really connect to what you have shared in regards to mental health and overall health, in general. My heart goes out to you for what you have gone through. I struggle with anxiety and depression at times and I, too, have found that maintaining a daily self-care routine has been a big part of my healing journey. I discovered your blog on the Plus CBD Oil Facebook page. I just bought this CBD oil brand for the first time today and look forward to testing it out. I have taken a different brand before and find that it definitely helps to calm my anxiety and helps me to focus. I’m very grateful to Mother Nature and all she offers to help us! My current skincare routine has recently become more intricate as I am for some reason seeing less youth and glow in my face. I am 37 years old and can tell that I better get a handle on my face situation before it goes out of control. My go-to face cleanser that I have used for many years is the Seaweed Balancing Cleanser by Lily Organics in Colorado. As I cleanse my face with it I use what is called a Petal Pad made of silicone which is sold by a woman named Tonya Zavasta on her website She eats a completely raw vegan diet. I tried doing that as well but discovered that my body requires meat for me to feel my best. I actually use many of Tonya’s beauty products because they are so reasonably priced and effective, in my humble opinion. Also, she puts a lot of work into researching the formulas for her products and she personally uses all that she makes. Tonya is 60 years old, I think, and she looks amazing. I once met her in person and yes, her skin looked absolutely glowing and gorgeous. I like that she does some “unconventional” techniques to achieve the beautiful skin she has and I enjoy trying different things, no matter how odd it may seem. Currently, I use Tonya’s day cream, serum, forehead wrinkle pads, bamboo charcoal detox eye pads, glacial clay mask, face brush, and RejuvaCup (it’s like a suction cup thingy for your face! Haha, it’s worth checking out I think.) I also use the brand California Baby Calendula Cream as a day and night cream because my skin is super sensitive and can sometime be inflamed for whatever reason. This cream helps to calm my face so awesomely. For makeup, I really like the W3LL People Bio Correct concealer, Bio Tint Moisturizer and their mascara. And lately I have added putting organic castor oil on my eyelashes to my nightly beauty routine because I read on Tonya’s and other websites that doing so helps your eyelashes to grow thicker and longer. I know I posted a lot but I wanted to share the quality, effective, natural products that I have found through scouring not only the internet but stores as well. These days my skin feels the smoothest and plumpest its ever felt and I know its because of my beauty routine and what I now eat a lot of: Collagen!! I eat a lot of collagen via bone broth or Bulletproof Collagen bars and all of it seems to soothe my digestion. I feel like I’m getting my glow and sexy back!!!