San Francisco: SM Approved

First off, there is SOOOO much to do in this cute city. Second off, I haven’t even conquered a fourth of it. However, here’s what I have done and totally recommend!

I’ve visited San Francisco three times to hangout with my local babes living up there!

They gave me ALL the insight on what to do, hidden gems (literally- you’ll see), and the best eats, spas etc.

This itinerary is meant for a 2-3 day trip. In my opinion, that is enough. You’ve seen it, and now it’s time to move up the coast – maybe to Big Sur or something!


Not only is all of the food so different and delicious, but the culture is also insane. When I’m in San Fran, I feel like I’m in a different country. There are sooo many people from around the world, you get a taste of each culture.

For starters, picnicking is like a sport. It’s what you do in SF when, of course, it’s not raining. It reminded me SO much of Paris.

Head to a market or a grocery store, grab your favorite rosé, charcuterie board, and crackers or snacks of choice (You will picnic for a while!). Also, don’t forget your blanket!


Speaking of culture, I experienced a HUGE culture SHOCK in SF. Specifically in Japantown.

My girlfriend had asked me if I wanted to plan a spa day. She sent me the link to the spa and asked me if I wanted to book a scrub. Not really paying any attention to the link she sent me, I just read her text “SPA” and said hell yeah!

She warned me that the spa was a “korean style spa for woman only” and there’s a lot of nudity. Again, not looking further into it, I was like “sure sounds great!”

When we got to Pearl Spa and Sauna, the front desk ladies were SOO nice. They showed us the facility – the steam room, sauna room, jacuzzi and ice bath, the Himalayan salt room and the clay room. Everything was and is magical.

Plus, all the girls were walking freely and very naked (We were warned, so I totally knew what was coming).

Meaghan and I enjoyed all of the amenities. It was sooo clean, relaxing and a great de-stresser.

When we got called up for our scrub appointments, I was expecting to get escorted into an enclosed room, with a bed – comfy pillows, warmed blankets, and essential oils.


Instead Meaghan and I were escorted into a large shower with bright lights sectioned off into small rooms using hospital curtains. We were also greeted by a masseuse or I guess, a scrubber in our “room”. To our surprise, she was dressed in black undies and a bra.

At this point, I was thinking “okay…. this is different.”

Then she started undressing my robe (I was completely naked underneath).

She told me to hop on the waterproof table laying on my stomach. She put a tiny towel over my butt and started scrubbing my entire body, including my inner thighs, butt cheeks and all. I had to flip over, she put that tiny towel over my vageen and continued scrubbing everything else – including the boobies.

Now…. in my head I was like “WTF”. I was laughing at myself… like how did I get into this situation. Like of course… me. of all people.

Thanks Meaghan! LOL

I will say that the scrubber did a phenomenal job! There was skin all over the table. It was sooo gross, but so needed.

My lady quickly shampooed and conditioned my hair, lathered my body with oil and patted me dry with a towel. She slipped on my robe and I was on my way. The whole process took about 30 minutes. Weird, but kind of worth it. I had NEVER felt cleaner.

Anyways that was a huge culture shock. So if you want to experience REAL Korean spa culture – hit up Pearl Spa.

MOVING ON – I think that story deserves us a cocktail


Of course there’s more to do than this list – but the below should get you started!

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything! xoxo

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