My Fave Healthy Restaurants in San Diego

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I’ve been wanting to curate a blog post of all my favorite health spots in San Diego for a while now so I’m really happy to share this one with you!

I hope you enjoy – Lets get right into it!

First things first, breakfast!


You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu – but my favorites are the Fried Egg Plate, Veggie Bowl with two sunny side up eggs, and the California Burrito with a coconut wrap. 

Nectarine Grove

This restaurant is where all over you paleo dreams will come true. My favorites are the protein plate, eggs Benedict with brown butter hollandaise, and the Breakfast Waffle. Also they have the best paleo treats and to-go meals! They also have lunch and dinner and smoothie options! I could honestly spend my whole day here. 

Claires on Cedros

Solana Beach’s best kept secret…. so SHHH 😉 Everything here is fresh and homemade. Here are my favorites – the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, the green scramble and quinoa cake Benedict. 

Naked Cafe

I used to go here three times a week, seriously. This place is like the health spots of all health spots. They basically want you to look and feel good… naked. 🙂 My favorites are the black berry and banana organic whole grain pancakes, the pesto scramble, and green + red pagoda. 

Swamis Cafe Encinitas 101

Love this local hot spot. This restaurant has the best outdoor seating. They have smoothies, omelettes, salads, breakfast burritos, wraps and the list goes on. Perfect place to hit up right before or after a morning walk on the beach or surf sesh!

Next stop, Lunch!

Flower Child

When I found this gem, I died. It is sooo cute and everything is so healthy! They have amazing outdoor seating and their service is amazing. You order first than seat yourself and your foods comes to you relatively quickly. My favorites are their kale salad, Mother Earth Bowl with chicken, and crushed avocado toast!

Mendocino Farms

I go here at least once a week to eat their Sophisticated Chicken and Prosciutto salad with the dressing on the side. Like I’m serious, it’s so good. Other goodies here are The Avocado and Quinoa Superfood Salad and Save Drake Farm’s Salad. 

Urban Plates

Love this place because it quick, easy and healthy. Their tomato soup is soo good that my mouth is watering thinking about it! Their salads are all amazing, but I always go for a plate with grilled chicken and tomato soup and Brussel sprouts on the side. 

Beaming Superfood Cafe 

True story: I used to work here! I love that they are sugar conscious. You can order any smoothie or acai bowl low glycemic. Also, their packaged salads are all so good!! My fave is the Thai salad!

Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar

An Encinitas local hot spot. They have plenty of vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options! They have something for everyone even if you aren’t overly health conscious. 

Healthy Creations

Organic, Local and Fresh. They have paleo meals, delicious smoothies and you can even order bone broth to go! They also have the best grab n go options!

Trilogy Sanctuary

100% organic and plant-based foods! Think cauliflower crust pizzas, spaghetti squash and meatballs and jumbo peanut butter cups….OMG!

Next course – Dinner:

TrueFood Kitchen

My favorite restaurant in the world. I know that sounds dramatic, but hear me out. I just trust them, ya know? I feel like I can order anything here and know that it’s good for my body and soul. My favorites are the spaghetti squash casserole, kale salad with chicken and ancient grains bowl. Also you can’t pass up on a skinny margarita here – they make the best of the best!

Seasons 52

Another restaurant where any choice you make here, you’ll feel good about. They have their calories listed on the menu, which is sooo helpful. Not that I count calories, but I also don’t want to eat something that you think is light, but actually has 800 calories. They are 100% fresh, never frozen and their menu is completely seasonal.

Ki’s Restaurant

This place is healthy, inexpensive and has an ocean view. Need I say more? They carry an extensive menu so you’ll see everything from sushi to butternut squash rolled tacos to burgers. They have something for everyone. 

Cafe 21

They are a delicious, gluten-free and organic restaurant. Everything is locally grown, farm to table, hormone-free meats, and yeast-free bread to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Their breakfast is also delicious, but healthy dinner restaurants are hard to find so I like to go here for dinner!

Last, but definitely not least – Dessert:

Pressed Juicery

You know how I feel about Pressed Juicery and if you don’t here’s how I feel. I’m obsessed, I’m addicted, and I’m in love. Here’s what to order: Size two freeze – vanilla and chocolate side by side topped with almonds, almond butter and cacao drizzle. Done. You will get the most delicious, healthiest plant-based treat. It’s essentially frozen yogurt made out of pressed juice. Genius.

Did I miss something? Tell me your faves in the comments below. I LOVE trying out new spots!

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