Papaya Bowl Recipe | Perfect Recipe for summer days!

Now that summer is slllooowwwllyyy arriving, beach days are becoming more and more of a thing!

I don’t know about you, but I get extra hungry when I’m at the beach. Maybe it’s the sun, the heat, being outside? Not sure…

Also, have you noticed that food tastes like EXTRA good when you’re at the beach? LOL.

I digress…

We usually bring chips, guac and salsa at the beach, but this time we made something a bit healthier + they were bomb. We made papaya bowls!

It felt like I was eating a big hug of nourishment at the beach.

Huge plus – papaya bowls didn’t make me bloat like the chips and salsa do. Bikini + bloat is never cute (on me!). Plus I’m uncomfortable!

So here’s the PERFECT recipe for a yummy summer snack!

Papaya Bowls

– 1 Papaya
– Yogurt of choice (I chose FAGE greek yogurt in one bowl + Culina coconut yogurt in the other)
– Berries of choice
– Cacao nibs
– Chia seeds
– Coconut shreds
– Honey drizzle (optional)

– Cut the papaya in half, remove the seeds with a spoon.
– Pour yogurt into bowl
– Top with berries, superfoods etc.
– Drizzle with honey

Super easy!

Look how pretty thank look!

xxx – shy

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