Shop my faves as of late – fall 2020 edition

Where has the time gone? The fall season is officially here.

Even though it’s 80-90 degrees in San Diego, I’m still wearing all of the loungewear, coats, boots and leather pants… because I’m so ready for this season! Now, if only this weather would start matching my outfits….

This season, (as pretty much every season) I’m loving the different shades of browns, nudes, neutral colors, pops of blacks and natural tones. I feel like my color palette on the daily is very fall, so I’m very excited to bask in this season.

The graphic below shows all of my fave fall picks as of late. Starting with the booties – can we just stare at all of those different shades for a minute? Dead – so cute! Moving on to the outfits – the coats, and pants (all of the vibes!). Then, the jewelry. I’m obsessed with Gorjana – they have a lifetime warranty and their jewelry is quality. Finally, the athletic wear and running shoes. All of the colors – obsessed.

Comment below what trends, brands and products you are loving this season!

Shop the graphic below by simply clicking on a product to be redirected to the shopping site.

Happy shopping!

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