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This post is LONG overdue – and I apologize for that!

I’m so excited to officially post about how I decorated our living room. Some of you may have seen it already from Instagram Story, but for those of you who haven’t, I’m going to break down every little thing for you!

From the colors we chose, to the reasoning behind the design, and where we found our inspo and so much more.

You will also be able to shop this blog post, so I will link all the decor and furniture for you.


We chose neutral colors – such as: whites, variations of nudes and browns, blacks and earthy colors. Earthy tones are considered to be more appealing and functional and tend to be perceived as warm, reassuring and settling. These colors are also very gender-friendly and being mine and Trevor’s first joint home, we wanted the colors to be very gender neutral. Not too girly, and not too manly.


Trevor and I just had gotten back from Tulum when we first moved in together. So, a lot of our accessories were inspired by Tulum’s boho-chic design and architecture. However, I still wanted to keep our place timeless, so we included some coastal, rustic and mid-century modern pieces. The combination of styles helps keeps things from going out of style too quickly.


When designing our apartment, I absolutely loved following McGhee and Co., Lulu and Georgia, Kayla Seah, Valerie Estrella and Maison Trouvaille for more inspo. We wanted pieces that were inviting, appealing and kept the place very positive and calm. When I looked at their content, I felt all of those vibes (inviting, appealing, positive etc.) so I drew a ton of inspiration from them. I also followed a lot of home decor/ design accounts while decorating our apartment so that my entire Instagram feed was constantly full of inspo.


We moved into our apartment in the very beginning of covid-19. Businesses were hit hard during that time, but especially small businesses. I wanted to support them however I could, and during that time I absolutely needed to decorate an entire apartment so I did a lot of research. One of the small businesses that I found and has become my go-to place to shop, is Lilah Lifestyle. Their pieces remind me of the decor sold on McGhee and Co, but are 100x less expensive. Prices are affordable, decor is unbelievably cute and the owner is amazing. I really love supporting them and styling their decor!

Here are some pieces I have bought from Lilah for our living room:

+ Slant textured vase: $25

+ Olive Fringe Throw: $35

+ Lights Out Candle Snuffer: $10

+ Bone Resin Photo Frame: $18

+ Textured Resin Photo Frame: $20

+ Timber Wood Bowl: $20

+ Helix Vase: $16

+ Lynx Decorative Marble Chain: $48

A few other small businesses we bought from were Vintage Ostin, LD Shoppe and Shoppe House Seven.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you are interested in shopping more of my home decor other than my living room – check out this page.

Let me know if you bought anything! Xx

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  1. Connie says:

    This was an amazing post. Your whole vibe is very relaxing and welcoming. I also how you collaborated with Trevor, the home definitely is gender neutral and reflects both your tastes and styles. Job well done ❤️

  2. Shylah says:

    Thank you so much, Mama! Happy you love it!