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Shylah May at the cape hotel going down the stairs

Cabo was such a dream. The last time Trevor and I went to Cabo was for spring break 2014…(lol) I was 19 years old. So, our recent trip to cabo was VERY different than our last trip… to say the least.

In 2014, you could find us at mango deck cheering on the wet t-shirt contest contenders during the day, or trying to eat and drink our way through all-inclusive at the hotel. Then, hitting up squid row until 3am.

Fast-forward to 2021, we came to cabo for the most lux wedding at Flora Farms, being sophisticated adults exploring architecture and restaurants at the most beautiful hotels, and drinking spicy margs at our serenity pool. Way more my style.

Horses along the beach


Trevor and I could not recommend our transportation to and from the airport enough. They were amazing. So friendly, incredibly safe and helpful. We used Impala Cabo. For daily transportation needs, use Uber. Don’t taxi (as they over-charge)… Uber is very inexpensive and everyone is so friendly. The app tracks you, so you are also very safe.

Shylah May at the beach
Shylah May at the beach


Thanks to you guys, I had a list of restaurants you recommended to try while out in Cabo! Here is the list. Of course, we weren’t able to hit them all, but the ones we did go to were incredible!


  • El Farallon: High-end seafood eatery with outdoor tables beneath a cliff, for candlelit dining & sea views.
  • Cape: The Ledge: Best french toast in the world. Also, get the D-tox smoothie (so delish and refreshing).
  • Cape: The Rooftop: I’m so bummed we didn’t have enough time to go here… this was one of the most requested places to go!
  • Edith’s: Colorful garden venue with thatched coverings & lanterns, for upscale Mexican fare, lobster & steak.
  • Hacienda Concina y Cantina: Fish dishes, gourmet tacos & cocktails at sunset on a chic, breezy terrace overlooking the beach.
  • Cielomar rooftop: Insane hotel – you have to go here!


  • Acre Baja: Another place we were dying to go to. Reservations were booked out for the next month. Plan ahead!
  • Flora Farms: Reservations were also booked. Plan ahead for this one too. The wedding we went to was here, so we at least got to visit and enjoy their drinks and food from the venue.
  • Jasmines: The most delicious mexican food.
  • La Lupita: Everyone recommended this hot spot for tacos!
  • Las Guacamayas: A local hot spot.
  • Javiers at Cabo Azul: (It was closed and under construction while we were here)
Shylah May in green top at Cape Hotel
Shylah may in orange dress at the viceroy hotel

*Outfit details: All clothes featured in photos were gifted by Peppermayo. Use the discount code SHYLAH15 for 15% off your order at check out!


Viceroy: We enjoyed a cocktail at the pool here. But, wow would I have LOVED to stay at this hotel. OMG, the views, the architecture, the aesthetic… I truly have never seen anything like it. Stunning.

Cape: We had breakfast here and then enjoyed their beach. We also were so obsessed with this hotel and thought, “next time, we are staying here” the entire time we visited. You can surf at the beach this hotel is on so you know Trevor was sold.

Cabo Azul: We stayed at this hotel during our stay and loved it. Our only complaint was the cleaning ladies coming in while we were sleeping (so weird) but other than that it was affordable, beautiful and truly one of our favorite hotels we have ever stayed at.

Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas: This hotel was a recommendation. It looks like a similar vibe to Cabo Azul.

Acre Baja: This place is a little inland, but whats so special about this property is their treehouse hotels. However, they aren’t air conditioned… so make sure you come during their “colder” season. It gets really hot here!

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