2022 Resolutions

It’s time to get back on the (blogging) saddle. I’ve taken a few months from writing and it just doesn’t feel right to be silent on here anymore. I feel like my 2022 Resolutions is a good time to start blogging again, as one of my goals for the new year is to create more content for the blog.

I’ve never been a “new year, new me” kind of gal… but 2022 is doing something differently to me. Everything in my body is craving a new me. Maybe that’s because I’ve been so on the go that I feel like I’ve lost myself a bit. I’m craving a year full of grounding, loving myself, and living life in the present, full of love, attention and self care.

So, I’m going into the new year with the intention of a “new and better” me. This year, it’s time to reel it back in a bit. It’s time to stop being busy. It’s time to live for ME and not live life hanging by a thread… from the amount of imense pressure I put on myself.

I’m releasing expectation. I’m letting go of pressure and I’m ignoring ALL outside noise. I’m living life with a lot more self love, grace and appreciation.

With those things in mind, here are my 2022 resolutions:

Exercise: When my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July of 2021, I stopped taking care of myself. My main concern was her. While ignoring the metaphor in the back of my head, “in case of a cabin pressure emergency, put on your own mask first before assisting others”… a simple concept that means you can’t help others for long if you don’t take care of yourself. I’ve finally experienced major burn out from not taking care of myself. It’s time to move my body and take care of me so I can be there for others.

Routine: I have yet to find a morning and weekly routine since going full time on my own (feb 2021) and I am feeling the effects of it. I’m 100% guilty of looking at my phone right when I open my eyes and then going straight into work mode and not allowing myself a simple 5 minute break for coffee or food. Again, totally feeling the effects from this. I absolutely need a routine (morning and some sort of weekly) so I don’t feel as unorganized.

Organization: Now that I’ve been full time for myself for almost a year, it’s time to invest in some organization. This means opening banks accounts for my business, investing in a tax accountant, registering my businesses and creating a better work flow. I also would love to get a bit more organized in my day to day processes as well. Any tips?

Faith: I want to get back into praying daily, blasting worship music and going to church on Sundays. If anything 2021 taught me, is that God is sooo good. My family and I have seen his miracles happen with our very own eyes. The power of prayer is truly remarkable. My mom, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 6 months ago, is almost done with chemo and will be in complete remission Feb 2022. Thank you for the prayers <3

Buy a House: Trevor and I are ready to make the next big jump in our relationship and buy a home, together. Our apartment is so cute and we will forever think of Cardiff as our home. But unfortunately, things are getting tighter as we both have our own businesses and now a baby puppy, named Kurtis. It is time for our next chapter and we could not be more excited to begin this process.

Blog: As I said earlier, I really want to get back into blogging at least 1x a week. I started my business blogging 4 years ago, and as I went full time with it (11 months ago), unfortunately the blog got left in the dust. It’s time to bring it back for 2022.

Family: I really want to live life in this order: God, Family, and then my business. It’s time to really bring the focus back in on what really matters and what really makes me happy. Trevor, Kurtis and my family are my priorities and I don’t want to lose sight of that. With that said, I want to do more spontaneous date nights and trips with my boys.

Listen to my body: 2020 was the first time in my life that I was really able to tune in and learn to listen to my body. When I did that, I lost all of my inflammation and my gut repaired itself. With all of the change and unknown 2021 brought me, I stopped listening to my body. I’m ready to tune back in to my body in 2022. I want to wake up and ask my body what it needs – whether it be water, meditation, green juice, warm bowl of oats or movement. And then continue that practice throughout the day. When I take this approach, I tend to eat healthier, self care more and move my body more throughout the day. It makes me feel really good.

What are your New Years resolutions? Are you excited for 2022? Have any fun trips planned?

xx, shy

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  2. Connie says:

    Shylah these are great resolutions and so well deserved. 2021 gave you strength, determination (to take care of me ❤️🙏) and courage. I wish I was half as brave as you are, when I was 26. You truly amaze and inspire me every day. I love you my Angel and soon all of this will be just a distant memory. So blessed and filled with overwhelming gratitude ❤️🙏