5 Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

I think I’ve always been a pretty anxious person naturally; I mean growing up I not only put a lot of pressure on myself, but there were a lot of traumatic events that happened to me and my family during my adolescent years.

However, I didn’t know I had anxiety. In fact, I didn’t know what anxiety even was.

It was 4 years ago when I had my first full blown panic attack three days after my first Coachella experience.

When I don’t have control, I get anxious AF. So basically I thought my life was over. I suddenly felt like I didn’t have control over my body… ever. I found myself on web.md.com diagnosing myself up the ying yang.

Needless to say when I went to my Dr. with all of my diagnoses they thought I was psycho and so did my parents. Everyone thought I was a hypochondriac. Ugh…I hate that word. Nothing worse than calling an anxious person a hypochondriac.

I was convinced that my symptoms (blurry vision, tingly feelings, low concentration, heart palpitations etc.) was something more.

But the Dr.(s) kept telling me otherwise. Turns out, I’ve been battling the fact that I’ve had anxiety for the last 4 years.

Until now. I’ve finally come to terms that I have anxiety and here’s how I deal with it.

My top 5 ways to relieve anxiety naturally


If I don’t get at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night, I’m anxiety ridden the next day. Sleep is SO important for your health. When people brag about the lack of sleep they’re getting a night, I just feel sorry for them. Nothing cool about that to me! Find out all of the benefits to sleep here.

Working Out

Physical activity is my medicine. Literally. You never hear anyone say they regret going to the gym. Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins! The “happy” hormone that gets released when you work out. If you’re ever anxious, go to the gym and get those endorphins going. You will be calm AF in no time! Hop on that stairmaster even if it is just 10 minutes!

Talking About It

Breaking the stigma one talk at a time. If you are feeling anxious, talk about it. Seriously. Don’t be embarrassed. What you are feeling is real & serious. Just because you can’t physically see your pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Anxiety is real and talking about it is very therapeutic. At the end of the day, I absolutely love going on a night walk with a family member or a friend. It’s just the perfect way to end the day! Plus, talking about your anxiety before you go to bed can help you sleep better throughout the night.

Spending Time Outdoors

Go to the beach, the mountains, ride a bike, run outside and unplug! I love leaving my phone at home or in my car for a little to enjoy nature as it is. Its so fun to people watch or bird watch and just be one with nature. You can even do some stretching or yoga outside to calm your mind. Be in the moment. Be present.


Just a month ago, you couldn’t even pay me to read a book. I always made the excuse of “I don’t have time!” But lets be real, 1. I hated reading and 2. I spent my “free” time on my phone scrolling through Instagram. I was recommended a few books in the last few months and decided to give it a chance. Holy sh*t, reading is life changing. I love to light a yummy pumpkin spice or cookie candle and just read. The book I’m reading now is call Present over Perfect  and I’m absolutely obsessed.


If your anxiety is getting worse, please seek medical attention. You are absolutely not alone! There are many other ways to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks. A medical professional can help you!


Let me know in the comments below your top tips to getting rid of anxiety, naturally!


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5 Ways to Relieve Anxiety Naturally