November Intentions

Happy November 1st!

New month, new intentions and a fresh start! Who else is excited?!

In October, my only intention was to heal my gut. I went through two weeks of antibiotics to kill SIBO, followed the SIBO diet 95% of the time, kept ginger tea on tap and started the apple cider vinegar craze (which is so gross!). For my workouts I did a lot of hikes, walks and yoga to keep my body from getting stressed! I also took my full hour lunches at work to get out of the office and de-stress the gut. During this time, I would walk, get my nails done, run some errands, and send my POSHMARK packages. Anything to unwind..

UPDATE: My gut feels worse than before I started the antibiotics! (YAY..sarcasm :)). I’m seeing a Naturopathic Dr. November 20th to reassess the situation because doing it on my own has been really frustrating and draining! I’ll keep you updated on the appointment!

For now, enough about gut stuff! We are putting that on the back burner until my appointment.

Here are my intentions for the month:

Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life

All this gut stuff has been stressful. The gut is your second brain so when it hurts all of the time, it affects you mentally as well. I’ve caught myself being negative about EVERYTHING. Like ew, who wants to hang out with that? If someone says something positive, I counteract it with something negative. It’s not a good habit to get into. I want to focus on being positive, in every situation. I need to be positive about my career, my blog and upcoming vlogs, my future, my family, my gut… because everything will work out the way it’s supposed to and that is a positive thing.

Stay patient and trust your journey

I told you on this Instagram post, I’ve been in a funk. Hence the negativity, LOL! I did some deep digging on why I feel so blah about my living situation (I still live at home), my financial situation (I’m trying to pay off student loans), and my life in San Diego. Like why the hell am I having weird urges to just get up and move to LA?! (HA!) It is because I’m not being patient. I want to so badly get to the end result. I want to have my own place where I can decorate it the way I want, I want my student loans be done already so I can save, and I want this platform to grow and be something of inspiration to you because I feel a calling that this is what I need to be doing: I need to help others by totally being unfiltered about my life. It’s all about patience, patience, patience.


Between my day job in advertising on podcasts and radio to my job as a blogger, I do a lot of screen time. Like, this can’t be good for my eyes! I spend 8 hours a day looking at a computer and then come home to engage on my instagram and then Pinterest, after I usually do some research and planning for future instagram and blog posts, and finally answer some blogger emails. I’m also planning a retreat to celebrate my blog turning one – which is so fun! I love it, I love it all. However, I’m not unplugging. I need to plan one day a month to totally turn off. No phone, no thinking twice about work and focus on the present. The weekend of November 17th, which is mine and Trevor’s anniversary will be this month’s day I turn it all off! I can’t wait 🙂


I’m so damn good at being organized at my day job, but when it comes to my blogging life – my creative mind takes over. There is no organization to my madness, but just like 3805490 ideas that are all in my head boiling to get out. It’s time to get organized. Trevor has told me for months to organize my photos on Lightroom – I haven’t :), he has also told me to start a doc with all of my contacts… I haven’t done that either. It’s starting to get sticky as we grow, so I need to double down, pull out the filing cabinet and get organized. Any tips?? Please share!

What are your goals this month?? I love getting inspo from you guys! Share below!



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