My night time routine

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Ever since I established a night time routine, my sleep has been 1000x better.

When I get a full 7-8 hours of sleep, my anxiety and stress is like non-existent. Sounds like a dream, right? All pun intended 😉

I like to start the routine an hour before I go to bed. This helps me wine down, relax and prepare my body for rest.

Here’s my step by step routine:

  1. Take a warm shower
  2. Steep some ginger tea (Helps your digestion)
  3. Take some CBD – I love this brand!
  4. Light some candles and turn on my aromatherapy diffuser (I use this lavender scent)
  5. Put away my phone/computer/TV (No electronics)
  6. Skin care routine: Check out this post for my current skin care routine!
  7. Floss and brush my teeth with my Sonicare (I love the deep cleaning!)
  8. Hop into bed and pull out my planner (Now that I have my oils on my face, my teeth are super clean, and my body feels cared for – it’s time to relax and reflect on my day/ plan my next day)
  9. After I finish up my planner I either read a book, journal, or hangout with Trevor (If Trevor is over, this routine changes a bit!)
  10. Blow out the candles and fall asleep

Turning off my electronics an hour before I go to bed sets my circadian rhythm. Since my eyes are no longer looking at a bright screen, they start to adjust to the night which sends a signal throughout my body like “hey! It’s time to rest!”

Think about it: me, for example, I look at some sort of screen for over 8 hours a day. (EW!) I wake up & check my phone, I go to work & and work on a computer, I eat lunch & check my phone, I go home & either watch TV or work on my computer some more and scroll through my phone at the same time. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you can’t? All I’m saying is I need to be more mindful of my screen time. This adjustment has really helped my sleep and anxiety.

I’m a girl who needs a routine. So time blocking a portion of my morning and afternoon for “me” time has created boundaries for my screen time. If you missed my post about my morning routine, read it here!

Goodnight babes! xoxo



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great routine, and your beautiful smile shows it works
    Hugs to you