How to let go and live the life of your dreams with I.AM.NICHOLE

How to let go and live the life of your dreams with I.AM.NICHOLE

I’m so excited to have Nichole on the blog today!

First, let me quickly give you a little background of how I know her. I met Nichole when I first took her Monday night 6PM hot yoga class at Yoga Six in Carlsbad. She walked into the room in full Lululemon attire with a little peep of her six pack popping through her tight, cute tank.

I was in awe of her body and wanted to know her workout routine immediately. LOL

She sat down at the front of the class on a yogi block, and told us all something so personal about her that was so vulnerable, real and close to her heart. Suddenly this perfect person that I saw walk into the room, became not only more perfect in my eyes, but relatable, too!

And that’s how she starts off all of her classes. She starts it off with a manifestation or a story about her life, or something that’s bothering her and that she’s trying overcome or let go… every class is different. She starts off her class being relatable.

It wasn’t until my tenth class, that I finally had the nerve to start a real connection with her. We bonded over social media, pursuing happiness rather than money and making a difference in this world.

Nichole is very influential person in my life. She has pushed me in more ways than she knows thanks to her yoga classes and meaningful conversations.

With that said, lets get right into it!

Welcome Nichole 🙂

Tell us about leaving the corporate world for an entrepreneurial lifestyle. This had to be scary, what made you take the leap? 

I was born with a business mindset— I love numbers and analytics. I was an event planner, Catering Manager, Sales and Marketing Director which I really liked. It wasn’t until I found meditation and felt like I could contribute to make the world a better place that I wanted my own business. After years of planning to leave my job my husband finally gave me the push I needed which was him saying “I’ve got you, even if you fall, GO DO IT!” 

How to let go and live the life of your dreams with I.AM.NICHOLE
What did your journey look like to get to where you are now? 

It’s been a long one, I feel like I’ve lived a few lives and am currently living the life of my dreams. There were days that I sat on my couch in beautiful Hawaii and cried. I’ve felt confused on many occasions and have asked “why?!” Once I found yoga I really leaned into the saying “it all happens for a reason”. I put a lot of effort into how I want my life to look but I know that if I hold on to anything to tightly I am actually out of control instead of in it. 

I love how vulnerable you are when you’re teaching yoga, on your blog and on Instagram. How did you become so brave to share? 

I do get a bit nervous when I share so before I say anything I tell myself this— there has got to be someone who feels similar that needs to know that they are not alone. I share from experience because I don’t think anyone is an expert. We are all the same— but different.

How did yoga change your life?

In every way possible!

  • How I think: My upbringing, although great, didn’t lead me to a positive mind set. Yoga taught me to think in a whole new way.
  • Working out: This practice made me slow down and realize that you don’t have to put your body through hardship in order to create the look you want. 
  • How I eat: I live a “no rules” life of eating what I want but I know that what I put into my body matters so I mostly eat plants. 
  • My lifestyle: yoga brought about an awareness not only about myself but the world and how I want to contribute. 
  • My partner: I met my husband in yoga and feel so grateful that we have a similar mindset and want to live life with passion and kindness.
What did it take to start your company, Gems of a Gypsy?

When I started my business I did every little thing myself. I created all of the branding, marketed my business on several platforms, went to events, held workshops, created all of the pieces with my own two hands and didn’t spend any money. I am a numbers person which is good and sometimes not so good. I read the book you are a badass and you are a badass at making money. It helped me let go of the anxiety I had about spending money. Growing up, I was taught to save every penny you have, which is a good thing, but I now try and look at money with a “flow” perspective. Instead of holding so tightly to what I have I let it flow when it feels right and trust that it will always come back. This has helped grow my business and now when I spend money I feel like I am investing in myself. 

Mental health is such a hot topic on this blog. Which mala bracelet from your store can help relieve anxiety and depression?

I created my malas specifically with meditation in mind. It is the purpose behind my brand. I incorporate gemstones that I source locally to contribute. The best recommendation I have is to pick a mala bracelet with Amethyst, Moonstone or Howlite. It would be very beneficial to set aside 2 minutes of your morning to meditate using your mala

How to let go and live the life of your dreams with I.AM.NICHOLE
What does your morning routine look like?

I get up early, around 6am but I start my day slow if I’m not working at lulu. First thing is meditation, usually in my bed, anywhere from 2-5 minutes. I drink a glass of water after and then make my “potion” coffee, which includes honey instead of sugar, collagen for added protein and adaptogens for stress relief and hormone balancing. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t work on one of my brands. I try and work on something for a few hours whether it be blogging or updating my shop. 

Favorite self-care tip?

Meditation in the morning. It has changed my life and I feel like I set a tone for the entire day. Plus I have committed to myself so early on in the morning that I am more apt to say yes to me more throughout the day. 

Your bod is INSANE! Tell us – what do your weekly workouts look like? 

First, thank you! I just wrote a blog post on this… well, actually 2. I have to say that it is 60% what I eat. The rest is yoga and pilates. Also, as I’ve gotten older I drink less and guzzle water. 

How to let go and live the life of your dreams with I.AM.NICHOLE
Travel tip for staying healthy.

Probiotics. I mostly travel to 3rd world countries and like to eat at the food stands on the corner to get the real cultural experience. I highly recommend starting a probiotic a week before you travel and take it twice a day no matter what. Also–eat all of the things, try the fresh fruit margaritas, and do not limit yourself. 

Okay, last question! What is something that you do daily that is non-negotiable?

At least one act of mindfulness. Saying hello to a stranger and looking them in the eye. Texting my husband out of the blue that I am grateful for him. Placing my snacks for the day in reusable bags. Letting people go before you while driving. Hugging my friends randomly. Using a metal straw.

Where can we find you:

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