At-home Leg Day Workout

Ever since working out from home had become our new norm, I strangely, have seen better results than working out at a gym.

I feel like I have so much more time to workout without having to cut out time to drive somewhere and get ready. I can literally just stop, drop and workout right in my living room. It’s made me more accountable. It also helps that there is literally no one in my living room watching or looking at me – so yes I’ve been experimenting with workouts I don’t typically do!

Has anyone else been loving it as much as I have?!

I wanted to share with you what workouts have been working for me! To start these at-home workouts off, we are going to do an at-home leg day workout!

We are going to do this at-home leg day workout circuit 2x-3x times!

Every workout is 30-60 seconds, based on your skill level! So, listen to your body! Do what’s best for you!

Try it for yourself????????

1. Squat pulses

2. Lunge pulses (each leg)

3. Jumping lunges

4. Jumping squats

5. SLOW glider curtsy lunges (each leg)

6. Glider lunge ski pole exercise (FAST-each leg)

7. SLOW glider side lunges (each leg)

8. Glider side lunge ski pole exercise (FAST- each leg)

9. Weighted squats

10. Weighted bridge pulses

TIP: On every set, use your muscle mind – connection. Really focus on which muscles are being used, and squeeze them tightly on each pulse. This will make each workout even more effective!

Take breaks when needed! I usually take a break after every circuit, but do what’s best for you!

Also, try to do this workout once a week! Your legs will sort toning in no time 🙂

Comment below if you would like to see more of my at-home workouts!

If you enjoyed this blog, check out the equipment I’m using for my at-home workouts, here!

at-home leg day workout

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