How to Have an At-Home Spa Day

I took the day off work, Monday to have a much needed “mental health day.” During my day off, I posted on my IG stories about my little spa day I was enjoying at home. Some of you guys were asking about it and wanting to know more info, so I thought a detailed blog post would be helpful.

It’s safe to say that this year has been a rollercoaster. A year full of ups and downs, a lot of change, and a lot of emotion. I think we all deserve a mental health day and an at-home spa day. So, please listen to your body and treat yourself!


+Meditate: Start your spa day with some meditation. This can be 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Do whatever you can, but make sure you start your spa-day with some meditation. I did my guided meditation through Melissa Wood Health, but you can easily find one on Youtube or use the HeadSpace app. I love to put some lavender essential oils on my wrists, neck, under the nose and temples before I begin to meditate. This really helps me relax and slow the EFF down.

+Put some relaxing music on: Whatever music relaxes your mind and body… whether that be spa music, acoustic music or whatever your heart desires. This is the perfect time to throw it on.

+Stretch: After I meditate, I feel a lot more in tune with my body. I take advantage of this by stretching my body and becoming more aligned with my muscles, soreness, and stiffness. I’m then treated with another layer of relaxation, that comes from that feeling you get when you release the stretch.

+Make some “spa water”: Now it’s time to really treat myself with some spa water. This is simply just iced water with lemon and cucumber. You can add mint to it, basil, strawberries…. whatever your heart desires. I love to add this recyclable straw to it. It makes me feel like I’m having a lil cocktail 🙂

+Light some candles: Light some candles, throw on your diffuser, and melt into all of the delicious smells that flood your home.

+Enjoy a eucalyptus shower: I love to buy eucalyptus from TraderJoes and then hanging it under my shower head. I turn off all of the lights in my bathroom and only leave on the candles. The steam from the shower mixed with the aroma from the eucalyptus is truly better than any spa I’ve ever been to. There are so many benefits to a eucalyptus shower. It clears your mind, helps you destress, helps you breathe easier and awakens all of your senses.

+Shave my body face to toe: Yes, you heard me. I shave my face! Read all about it here. In the shower, I shave my body. Out of the shower, I shave my face (with a different razor). Shaving my body can be such a drag, but I feel so clean and soft afterwards… it’s definitely worth it in the end. Shaving my face gets rid of ALL of the dead skin. It exfoliates it and preps my skin for a face mask.

+Face mask: If you follow me on IG, you know by now that Summer Fridays cleanser, R+R face mask, Overnight face mask and Jet Lag face mask have totally stolen my heart. I can not swear by these products enough. My skin has never been more clear and healthy. Their face masks are all vegan, cruelty-free and made from “good for you ingredients.” I also add their Lip Butter Balm to my lips for extra hydration.

+Hydrate the rest of your body: While sipping on my “spa water,” and reaping all of the benefits from my face mask, it’s time to treat the rest of my body. Right now, I’m absolutely loving this Kopari Beauty CBD body cream. It soothes your skin and hydrates it at the same time.

+Mani/Pedi time: Now that I’m completely exfoliated, cleaned and refreshed, I move on to the tiny details of my body…aka my nails. There’s truly no better feeling than walking out of a nail salon with exfoliated feet and fresh nails. So, this is an essential last step to my “at-home” spa day.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to tag me in your stories during your at-home spa day! I love to see them and get ideas from each other!

Stay safe & healthy – xoxo

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