My Skincare Regimen (Updated)

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A blog post designated for my skincare regimen has been long overdue. The last post I did about my routine was back in 2018… and just like most things, my routine has changed….for the better!

Not only do I have a new skincare regimen, but I also have incorporated a few weekly and monthly non-negotiables that have totally elevated my complexion and skin health.

Those non-negotiables include:

Hydrafacials: This is the most effective facial you can invest in. I love getting a hydrafacial every few months to truly deep clean my skin. It’s kind of like a little vacuum that suctions out all of the dirt, blackheads and dead skin from your pores. If you’re in the San Diego area, hit up Taylor from Browology for your facial. She will give you 20% off your treatment if you mention my name!

Shaving my face: Okay, this one isn’t new. But, I have continued to keep this one up. If you’re curious on why I shave my face… read this blog post here.

Facial Steamer: This is literally one of my favorite skincare/mental health tools I have ever owned in my life…. and that is definitely saying something. I’m obsessed with my facial steamer. I do this twice a week, nothing less and nothing more, because I don’t want it dry out my face. However, I absolutely love adding a lavender essential oil to it. It’s so calming and relaxing… it has become my meditation. I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my skin, too. It definitely helps my skin absorb all of the serums/oils/moisturizers that I use during skincare regimen. I don’t have as many imperfections since using it. Here is the one I use – I highly recommend it!

High Frequency Skin Therapy: I bought this one. However, I have yet to start this therapy. I’ve heard only amazing things about using this tool on your skin, such as fights acne, reduces fine lines, softens wrinkles while boosting collagen levels. The reason why I haven’t started this therapy yet, is because I’ve been told to watch some YouTube tutorials before using it. They say if you use it correctly, the results are amazing! I’m really excited!

Moving on to my skincare regimen:

My morning and nighttime skincare routine is basically the same. I’ve noticed that if I try to add too many products to my routine, my skin freaks out and starts to break out. So for me, less is more.

Another thing to note is my skincare regimen is completely clean and free from toxic ingredients. This is very important to me.

  1. Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser: I have SUPER sensitive skin. This cleanser is light and airy. It’s very gentle and hydrating. I’ve noticed a huge difference since finding this cleanser. My skin has way less break outs… if any at all. It’s definitely worth the hype.
  2. Pauli & Sisters Repair Serum: This serum launched TODAY. I have been testing out this serum for the last two months and I really love it. It’s natural, fragrance-free and made without any toxins. It’s for scarring (thanks acne), stretch marks and uneven skin tones. I put this all over my skin, neck and chest.
  3. Summer Friday Cloud Dew Oil-Fresh Gel Cream Moisturizer: The texture of this moisturizer is unbelievable. It’s super dewey, lightweight and plump… literally like a cloud. It has three types of hyaluronic acids in it’s formula so it is very hydrating.
  4. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist: My favorite part of my skincare regimen is the little spritz I add in the end. This mist is a very soothing cocktail of hyaluronic acid, rose hydrosol, coconut water, and hibiscus extract.
  5. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: This is literally the only product that works on my lips. I swear, before I found this product, my lips were shedding skin ALL. OF. THE. TIME. They were as chapped as a leather saddle on a hot day. Not one product has ever been able to repair my lips until my friend @makeupbydpav introduced me to this sleeping mask. I use it as a chapstick too… it is soo hydrating – I’m obsessed. It feels amazing to no longer have crusty dried lips.

Face Masks that I have on rotate:

  1. Summer Fridays Overtime Mask
  2. Summer Fridays R+R Mask

I love doing a face mask twice a week. I pair it up to my facial steamer schedule. The combo of a facial steamer and then mask is heaven.



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