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Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner… let alone we have been in semi-quarantine for almost a year now… I thought we all might need this post to spice things up. Budget-friendly date ideas 🙂

Whether it’s a date day or a date night, dating your significant other is important and should be a priority. It makes you focus on only each other without any distractions. It’s a time to reflect on your past and dream about your future.

However, sometimes dinner and drinks can get mundane and pricey. Especially with covid, you have to get creative these days!

Here are some budget-friendly date ideas:

  1. Breakfast in Bed: How cute is this? Grab some mimosas, cook up some banana pancakes and enjoy each others company brunching in bed. I think the best part about this date is surprising your significant other by waking them up to a plate of bacon, coffee and waffles and then enjoying it together, in bed. It’s super thoughtful and different.
  2. Wine and Painting: Trevor and I did this during quarantine and it was a lot of fun. However, we got super focused on our own paintings that we sometimes forgot each other were in the room lol!
  3. Fondue: This is literally one of the best dates Trevor and I have done. It’s similar to dinner and drinks, however it’s different because it’s way more interactive. We did melted cheese as an appetizer, meat for the entree, and melted chocolate for dessert. Trevor won’t stop talking about how much fun this date was!
  4. Picnic at the Beach: There’s truly nothing more relaxing than the warm sand, listening to the waves, snuggling up against your significant other and munching on some food. It’s simple, yet thoughtful and so enjoyable.
  5. Bonfire Night: I love a good fire on a crisp night. This will forever remind me of summer nights. Grab some wine and some s’mores and enjoy a nice warm fire with your significant other.
  6. Camping: I love camping. I know it’s not for most people, but it most definitely is for me. It’s a super cost-effective way to travel, allows you to unplug and can be very grounding. Some of mine and Trevor’s favorite memories are made together while camping. Such a fun date weekend.
  7. Game Night: Games nights are so underrated. People often drag their feet to play games, but they always end up being so fun! Grab a glass of wine and a deck of Uno cards.
  8. Make a dessert together: This is such a good bonding activity. I love making sweets with Trevor. We’re not only building something delicious together, but we are also snacking and laughing our way through it. Turn on some music, the oven and bake some cookies or brownies! Have fun with it and make a little mess 🙂

Alright, those are some of my budget-friendly date ideas! Please share your favorite ideas, too. Trevor and I love trying new things!

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