Relationship advice by my boyfriend | Part 3

For the past three years, I have brought Trevor on the blog to give his advice on questions pertaining to relationships! You can read his blogs here and here! This is always my most popular blog post (lol!). Year after year, it gets the most views! 

I want to preface this post by saying, Trevor is definitely not an expert or a professional! Haha…

However, I personally think his advice is always spot on. Plus, it’s great to get a males perspective on relationships and dating in general!

Here we go! Relationship advice by my boyfriend, (of 5 years) Trevor David Farrow everyone!!

SM: What are your thoughts on guys telling a girl all of the “right” things and then ghosting her for no reason?

T: Either they are trying to get laid, or they are trying to keep their funnel filled with leads. So in order to see some of those leads through, you have to have conversations that lead them close to the acquisition.

SM: uhhh is this a business deal? lol

SM: Why do you think it’s hard for girls to find a committed relationship?

T: I think that dating in this day in age is very public so I think there is a certain fear and hesitation that comes with that. I feel like a lot of guys are fearful of seeing relationships through due to the immediacy of how relationships are viewed on social media. There’s added pressure to dating because you’re under a magnifying glass. Instead of focusing on compatibility, guys are nervous about what the world will think about them being with the person or them even exploring being with them.

SM: What is the biggest turn off a girl can do on their first date?

T: Hahaha… hmmm. Probably get too drunk. 

SM: After one date, if a girl isn’t interested in a serious relationship with the guy, should she go out with him again?

T: I don’t think she should go on a second date with him. It will lead him on. I think she needs to be honest with him and honest with herself.

SM: Should a girl pay her share of the meal on a first date?

T: Ummm… I think she can offer, but no. Especially if a guy asks you out, I feel like it is his obligation to pay.

SM: A lot of people feel that they are single because they “don’t have time for a relationship”. What are your thoughts?

T: I think that is probably the easiest excuse to not be in a relationship. But it is probably also the biggest actual reason why a lot of people aren’t in relationships. I think you need to set priorities. If work is your number one priority, the more power to you, but you have to accept that it will be really hard to have a relationship. But if you’re truly upset that your work is causing you to not date someone, then you need to carve space to make that happen.

SM: Would you rather date/get to know a girl who goes out drinking a lot or stays home?

T: The girl that stays home because if the girl goes out a lot… it’s more likely than not all of my friends have hooked up with her.  

SM: When a girl looks different without makeup, does that affect your thoughts on them?

T: I expect girls to look different without makeup, the problem is how different is she going to look? So yeah, I’m more of a natural look kind of guys so I find it scary that you can totally transform with makeup. 

SM: What are your thoughts on people in a relationship being friends with someone of the opposite sex?

T: I think it is totally fine as long as their intentions are in the right place. I think it is totally healthy to have friends of opposite sex. However, if that “friend” happens to be an ex, the intentions might not be pure. 

Shylah here! I hope you loved this relationship advice by my boyfriend.

If you have any more questions or are curious about what Trevor has to say about a personal issue. Please comment below. You can comment anonymously 🙂

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  1. Connie says:

    This was fabulous!!!! It’s so interesting getting a males perspective on dating/relationships, especially such an honest one ♥️

  2. Tracy says:

    We love this content! Love you and Trevor! Hope you’re having a blast in Tulum!! ????