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I love hearing a guys perspective on relationships. Lets be honest they can be so hard to read when you first start dating or in a relationship in general. Like what the hell are they thinking about? It also doesn’t help when you go to your girlfriends for advice and it just only escalades your dramatic over-obsessive thinking about him. UGH the worst.

Trevor is guest posting today talking all about relationship tips! He is my boyfriend of over 3 years and has A LOT of experience in this category. (Thanks for being the best, babe!)

Let’s get started –

Relationships 101 | What’s your advice for guys?


  1. Let your ego go
  2. Sacrifice is necessary & inevitable
  3. Honesty

What’s your advice for girls?


  1. Don’t try to be perfect, because guys don’t notice the little shit (Hello! Shylah here – yeah this one is MAJOR!! I would leave Trevor & tell him I had to go home to get ready for bed, in the meantime I would shave my entire body, put a little make up on and come back to him an hour later like I was naturally perfect… we laugh about this now because he did not notice)
  2. Don’t be afraid to take initiative on stuff. Just because were guys doesnt mean we need to take charge on everything.
  3. Be decisive and know what you want. When we ask you where you want to eat… tell us.

How do you balance a relationship with the rest of your life?

It’s important to focus on your personal goals, friends, and hobbies. Having someone to share those things with is just the cherry on top.

Why do you think most relationships don’t work out?

Girls are trying to impress other girls and guys are trying to impress other guys.

Generally, each person wants to be perceived differently by others. Guys don’t want to admit that they care for or have feelings for a girl (pussy-whipped-ophobia), and girls want to make it seem like she made a boy fall in love with her.

Alright, how do you keep a healthy relationship?


  • Humor
  • Independence
  • Intimacy

What will help make a relationship last?

Switching it up and not falling into a boring pattern.

Why do you think guys have such a hard time settling? (GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BOYS)


  1. Guys think with their D**K. And their D**KS want multiple chicks, not one. Its a natural tendency.
  2. Fear of missing out on something better
  3. Holidays get more expensive

Best tip to having a happy relationship?

Selflessness is key

Best hobbies in relationships?

Work out (kill two birds with one stone)

Okay, what is something that you can do for your partner that seems little but makes a big difference?

Have a plan (or make it seem like you do). Putting a little thought into something can go a long way and show that you are at least trying.

Biggest mistake a person can make in a relationship?

Make a habit of lying

Something someone in a relationship can do to make their partner happy.


  1. Get to know their family
  2. Step out of your comfort zone to do something that the other likes to do.

Why is he not saying I love you back?

Either he really doesn’t love you… Or he’s scared. Once you say that magical 4-letter word, there is no going back. You’ve entered a whole new realm of relationship where everything is amplified. The highs get higher and the lows get lower. It’s a big step for sure and dudes know that.

A tippity tip for our single ladies trying to find Mr.Right?


  1. Stop trying to find Mr. Right
  2. Focus on making yourself awesome in your own way
  3. Don’t hide under a rock. Put yourself in positions to meet new people. But don’t be desperate.

Our most asked question – How do you keep a spark in a relationship?

It’s not easy, but it is very simple. If things get boring and repetitive, the spark will be gone. I know it sounds cliche, but be spontaneous. Do things randomly… just to do it, and don’t take life too seriously.

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  1. dipa says:

    wow great blog..good job admin..

  2. Shylah says:

    Thank you!

  3. kelly says:

    Very nice article….Even I believe that Independence and Intimacy is important for a healthy relationship…But got to learn humor too is needed. Some couple wants to repeat their partners past mistakes in quarrel….this is biggest mistake they do in relationship.

  4. Susie Love says:

    Great post btw admin, good job.

    I think it’s always good to get tips from the other sides perspective, just so we can try and improve our own relationships!

    Hope to see more posts like these soon, keep up the good work x

  5. Sarah Honey says:

    Awesome work, I really enjoyed reading this post.

    I am currently going through some relationship difficulties, this really helped me.

    Thanks x

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