My Cleaning Routine

Cleaning has become such a big stress relief for me.

When everything in my home is organized and tidied up, I mentally feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It’s almost instant that my mind feels organized when my house feels organized.

I think having a cleaning routine with your spouse, roommate or significant other is super important when living with someone. Don’t get me wrong, cleaning by yourself is fine (if that’s your thing), but I personally like to divvy it up because I would rather do it in half the time.


I will make dinner, and Trevor cleans the dishes and wipes down the counter tops every night. Anytime either of us cook during the morning or throughout the day, it is that person’s responsibility to clean their mess after they make it. We also try to make our bed daily. The rule is whoever is last in the bed, they will make it. Unless the other person is around and can help (do it together). Trevor typically takes out the trash, but if I notice it’s full then I’ll just go ahead and do it. Trevor is usually super good about this and it’s already been done.


I will vacuum the apartment weekly and wipe down the coffee table/media console from the week. We don’t usually spill or make messes on the coffee table as we don’t typically eat there so this happens weekly. Of course, if there is food or some spills, I will wipe it down asap.


Once a month, both Trevor and I (together), will do a huge deep clean. We hired a cleaning service to do this for us last year. However, because I quit my job, we had to save money and cut unnecessary costs… so now it’s us doing it together… sorry Trevor! However, if you have the means… I definitely recommend hiring someone for the sake of your mental health. There’s no better feeling than a sparkling clean house!

When Trevor and I do a deep clean, we usually divvy up the apartment. This kind of looks different every time. If I cleaned the kitchen last time, he will do it the next time. If I cleaned the bathroom last time, he has to do it next time (hehe)… but, you get the drill. However, I am such a psycho, so if he does clean the bathroom or kitchen, I usually go in with a detailed clean after him. I’m always the one to bleach the sinks, dust down the shelves and cabinets in all of the rooms, dust the ground molding and fans, wipe down our nightstands and mop the floors. Trevor is usually in charge of sweeping, vacuuming, organizing, putting things aways, taking out the trash and working on whichever room he is in charge of.

I hope this cleaning routine blog post is helpful! I truly think the power of two when cleaning is so much better than doing it by yourself. Once you have nailed down a solid routine, it does make living together so much easier.

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  1. Connie says:

    Do you always dress that beautiful when you clean? Asking for a friend 🙈