The secret to growing your booty



The secret to growing your booty…and it’s NOT squats.

  • Squats can help your glutes and booty grow but your thighs also start growing.
  • Squats do not isolate your glutes.
  • Squats are a great compound exercise for building a strong muscular foundation.
Here are three tips to growing your booty:

1. TRAIN EFFECTIVELY (2x a week)

  • Hip thrusts: best exercise to grow your glutes. Use proper padding to cover your hip flexers. (2x a week) It takes your body at least three days to recover from this exercise
  • Banded side squats: The external rotation exercises your glutes. Great to superset with any exercise!
  • Cable glute kick back
  • Cable pull throughs
  • Barbell Glute Bridge (Single Leg)
  • Barbell Sumo Deadlift (You can use light weight with high reps or heavy weight with low reps) TIP: Start in a semi squat position with back flat and chest up press through the knees until the bar is at shin level, then complete the range motion by hinging at the hips and squeeze your booty at the top!


If you’re at maintenance level or below maintenance level of calories you consume, you are not going to grow muscle or that booty. Your body is trying to hold on to the muscle you already have and its not looking to repair itself when you break it down. Our bodies break down muscle when we workout so if it doesn’t have food to rebuild those muscles then its definitely not going to grow. Its actually nearly impossible to grow your muscles without eating more calories than you normally consume.

If you’re scared to eat more, because you fear of gaining weight or looking bulky, tracking your macros might be best for you! I used to track mine and will if I’m looking to tone down here and there, but right now I love listening to my body and don’t track!

Here’s how to properly increase your calories without gaining 30LBS. LOL…but seriously!

Track your calories for three consecutive days and do NOT change a thing. (I use MyFitnessPal) After tracking your calories for three days, calculate your average cals. (Add all three days of calories and divide the total calories by 3 (days)) Next, we are going to increase your calories very slowly so your body has time to metabolize the increase in food. (AKA so you don’t gain those unwanted LBS)

My average calories: 1500 calories

Here’s how:

First Step: Increase your protein to at least body weight in grams. (EX: I weigh 125lbs, so I’m going to eat 125g of protein)

1g of protein = 4 calories

125g of protein = 500 calories

My average calories is 1500 – 500 calories of protein = 1000 calories to spare on fats and carbs!

1g of carbs= 4 calories

1g of fat = 9 calories

Second Step: Increase your carbs and fats very slowly each week or every other week. For example 10-20g of carbs per week and 5 g of carbs every other week.

S T O P increasing your fats and carbs once you feel sluggish.

(2-3 months)

To tone down after increasing your calories – use the same method except slowly decrease your fats and carbs! This will effectively shed the fat without killing your metabolism!


Squeeze your glute muscles like you’re trying to hold a penny! When I actually THINK about squeezing my glutes while doing an exercise, I feel the burn 10x more than if I just did the exercise thinking about what’s next on my agenda. It’s called muscle-mind connection and its so, so real.

If you need help getting started on your fitness journey, check out this post ASAP!


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